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7/13/17 9:52 am 7/13/17 9:52 am
I'm having an issue with another member posting my work as their own. I've reported the work, but so far it doesn't seem like any action has been taken. Is it possible to have PMC email you when you report a project, as well as email you when a significant change to the status of the report has been made? e.g. when a moderator reviews the report and what their decision was.

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03/04/2018 7:28 pm
Level 42 : Master Professor
While i think this would greatly greatly benefit those who help out with reports site wide ,but i don't think this should be implemented. Feedback would help people understand whether or not their reports are valid and if not why, however it would probably cause a lot of conflict between moderators and members. People who report something and feel strongly that certain content should be taken down and their report gets dismissed will just proceed to message mods "why did you dismiss my report" "why didnt you ban him". You would also have people thinking they "got people banned" and could possibly lead to fights and in general it would cause more problems than it would solve. Infractions have been and should remain between the person who broke the rule and the moderator.
03/05/2018 6:18 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Engineer
You raise a valid point, at the same time, I don't like being left in the dark.
You may be right about other people, myself, I don't care what the outcome is, as long as I'm notified.
What do you suppose would be a good middle ground?
03/05/2018 6:45 pm
Level 42 : Master Professor
well a middle ground would i guess be where moderators have the option to give feedback if they so wish, except that has its own problems. First of all the moderators are volunteers who give up a lot to help keep the site clean. You would be asking this to not only take on extra responsibilities and spend hours dealing with reports, but now take even more time to give feedback. Even if they didnt give feedback on every report and only ones they thought needed it you would still be in a situation where people will wonder why they didnt get any feedback. people who dont get any feedback might ask why, they might start bugging mods "did you see my report, i didnt get any feedback on it" "why didnt i get any feedback on my report". I think moderators are capable of deciding if they need to give feedback through a pm (and it has happened before)
03/04/2018 7:20 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Geek
Cardinal System
Yes yes yes! There should also be an option for the moderator to leave a note, especially on invalid reports.

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