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3/16/18 2:41 pm 3/16/18 2:41 pm


So, I've Been On This Website For A While And I'm Loving It! But I'm Here To Suggest SomeThing.

Now, I Know Everyone Likes Making Projects And Sharing Them. However, A Couple Of Pictures, I Think, Just Isn't
Enough To Give You A Good Feel About The Map.

So, What Would you Do? Make A Video And Link It To The Website. I Would Love To Do This With All My Projects But I Don't Have A YouTube Account And Even If I Did, I Don't Feel Like I Would Want To Upload Them To YT As I Would Have A Gaming Channel Or Music Channel And I Don't Think it Would Suite What I'd Do.

Now, The Suggestion. I Have Been Desperate To Make A YT Account But It Doesn't Work, So I Feel As-If This Website Needs A Button on The Videos Saying Upload Or Drag And Drop So You Don't Need A YT Account To Post The Videos And Then Everyone Can Feel Like Thier Project Has Had A Renovation And Makes It 'Complete'.

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Crt_93t said 2018-03-18 08:59:50
I Would Kindly Do That But The Thing Is, Azie Has Had 3 Tickets In A Row And They Are All From Me XD
LightlySaltedBuilder said 2018-03-17 23:00:49
Plus, if PMC won't host images for us on forum posts, then I don't think we're going to get video hosting. image hosting on forums posts and descriptions would be pretty nice. Maybe you could make a ticket about that.
Crt_93t said 2018-03-17 06:21:20
Yeah I Know What You Mean. Thanks For Ur Time Tho :)
Crt_93t said 2018-03-17 06:20:54
I Have No Idea.My Keyboard Is Mechanical And I Can't Be Bothered To Set it Up Correctly... And Ok. I Agree; Videos Do Take Up A Tonne Of Resources.
LightlySaltedBuilder said 2018-03-16 19:01:23
Like Azie said, videos take a lot of resources to host, plus YouTube is so popular and widespread that I really don't think it's too hard or unreasonable to need a YT account to host videos. Also, not all projects need videos. I have zero videos on my projects and I'm fine.

Also, Why do You Type With Every First Letter Of a Word Capitalized? You're Only Supposed To Type Like This For Titles.
Azie said 2018-03-16 16:55:22
Videos take a LOT of resources to host. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect people to use a service like Youtube if they want to post a video here, since Youtube accounts are free and we don't outright require video to represent projects on our site-- images are fine.




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