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1.12 blogs #1: Moving in!

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avatar vinnyg0621
Level 9 : Apprentice Dragon
Hi! I'm vinnyg0621, if you don't know me. :) today, I'm starting a blog about my adventures in 1.12

tonight at 7 pm, I saw my new house and I went inside. but there was no roof yet!

I went inside... and then there was no furniture yet.... but there was a bed. there even was a backyard too, but there wasn't anything in it

I was bored, so I went for a little walk

I saw a train station being built! I wonder if there's a railroad going to be built pretty soon...

the sign said HAULT! so I couldn't go in there

I wanted to go in there, so I just looked. There was a gravel mountain and a shovel

I got bored, so I just traded with some villagers

someone said that if I give them 10 leather, I could have an emerald

then I went home and back to sleep

thanks so much for reading!
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