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10 Things should be added to Minecraft

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avatar Trekman
Level 44 : Master Dragonborn
These are 10 ideas i have that i think should be added to Minecraft

1. Fish

I actually have an idea for this. What if they added sponge fish, and they drop 1-3 sponges. You can craft a sponge block with four in a crafting area.

2. Dragons

I think dragons are already in development, but i have some ideas on what they do.

I think they should also breath fire or something, and they drop dragon scales. You could make weapons, tools, and armor.

3. Dragon lairs

Dragons should probably reside in dragon lairs, and there should also be chest with rare items and gold mounds.

4. More types of weather

I think it would be cool if there was a possibility that tsunamis, or tornadoes would spawn.

5. Seasons

It would be kinda cool if there were seasons in minecraft. For instance, during spring crops like wheat, melons, pumkins, and sugarcane all grew like 50% faster and more mobs spawned.

6. Pigmen

This has long been speculated but there is no info on it. I think they should hang around jungle ruins or pyrimids.

7. Castles/fortresses

Maybe pigmen or some other mob could inhabit castles or fortresses. It would be cool to have some kid of above ground stucture to look for.

8. More ores

I think it would be cool if there was stuff like granite, or titanium ores.

9. Obsidain armor and tools

There have been many mods, and its a good idea

10. Herobrine

I think there should be a mob that is very mysterious and illusive.

Thats it and please diamond if you liked it :D
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