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1.4.6 Amazing seed with massive cave system, mountains and village

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TeamVoxelPerfection's Avatar TeamVoxelPerfection
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
Seed: pleasebegood!pleasebegood!!!

You will spawn right next to/on a large mountain with a waterfall running into a lake, right next to a forest. Oposite the mountain, about 70 blocks away is a village with large farms. Beside the mountain on both sides are a massive cave system. In one you will find a massive ravine and an abandoned mineshaft. Keep looking! I built my house on the side of the mountain and found 2 stacks of iron in no time at all.

Please tell me if you would like the exact co-ordinates of all these features. This seed should work for 1.4.6!

Diamonds=More seeds!

2nd Seed: -3502752841894165865

You will spawn on a pretty large plains island in the middle of an ocean. The island has one tree and a network of caves underneath.

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