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20 things you can do to make MineCraft run faster!! UPDATED!!

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Varelto's Avatar Varelto
Level 24 : Expert Miner
First of all before i start i am not taking credit i'm just sharing this so people can see what to do if your minecraft is laggy all credit goes to Kickflip147.

1. Adjust the allocated memory (Easy and very effective)
On a 32-bit system, (on 64-bit, you need to go to the 32-bit control panel), go to your control panel and open 2 things, "System" and "Java". Under System, it will say a a lot of things. What you are looking for is theRAM amount. (Normally MB or GB) Write down the amount you have. Then open the Java Window and go tothe Java Tab. Under "Java Runtime Environment Settings" click "View". In this window, under the "user" tab,go to the Runtime Variables and put in the amount of RAM you want MineCraft to use. Depending on how much RAM you have, you should put in the following:
RAM | put in Runtime Variables
256MB-512MB | Changing this will not help with only 512MB
513MB-1024MB | -Xmx512m or -Xmx700m
1025MB-2048+ | -Xmx1024m
Once you do this, you should see a great increase in speed in MineCraft.
ALSO! Look at "Making Minecraft Run Faster Tip #9" below to help if you have little RAM.

2. Set "javaw.exe" to High priority. (Easy, but not very effective)
Hold "Control" and "Shift" on your Keyboard simultaneously and press "Escape". This will open up the Task Manager. Now open MineCraft or go to a skin on PMC. This will initialize Java. In the Task Manager, go to "Processes". In this tab, look for the "javaw.exe" process. Once you've found it, right click on it and under "Set Priority" select "Above Normal" or "High". This most likely will not help that much, but if you are running a lot of programs it will.

3. Download and Install Optifine (More complicated, but VERY effective)
Go to the Optifine Mod page and Downlaod and install Optifine. Then set the options to your desire.

4. Downlaod the latest drivers for you Graphics/Video Card. (Pretty easy, pretty effective)
Go to your graphic's card's brand website (e.g. nVidia, ATI, Intel). Once you have the latest drivers, test out MineCraft and see if it runs faster. If not, proceed to number 5.

5. Adjust your Graphics/Video Card Settings (More complicated and VERY effective, if needed)
With a nVidia graphics card, go to your control panel (under the start menu). Under 3D settings, go to "Manage 3D settings". Here you can select "*.exe" files and adjust the settings for them. If you use the downloadable version of MineCraft, (which can also help with speed) then select Minecraft.exe and adjust the settings that are recommended for speed. Or you can just go to the "Adjust image settings with preview" section under 3D settings and slide the bar to "Performance."

6. Turn sound off in MineCraft (Easy, and can be VERY effective)
Under the MineCraft settings, (not your computer settings) turn sounds and music off. It may sound weird, but sound is another thing for MineCraft to run, and in my experiences, it can make a big impact.

7. Get a New Graphics card (EXPEN$IVE, but EXTREMELY effective)
Just get a new graphics card for your computer. Simple as that. :P

8. Adjust your computer's performance settings (Simple, but not too effective)
Go to the Control panel and go to "System". Go to the "Advanced" tab and under "Performance" click on "Settings". On the "Visual Effects" tab, select "Custom" and de-select the things you can live without. Most of these you can turn off and not notice a difference. Then go to the "Advanced" tab and under "Virtual Memory", click on "Change". Select a drive that has at least 2MB of available space, and then under "Paging file size for selected drive", set the minimum to 1024, and the maximum to 2048. You can increase the values if you wish. Doing this will also help with the first making MineCraft run faster tip because it will give your computer more "RAM", however, the disk space used as RAM will not be as fast as normal RAM.

9. Clean up your computer and Defrag. (Takes quite a bit of time, but effective)
Open your start menu and go to "All Programs." Under "Accessories" and under "System Tools," select "DiskCleanup". This will scan your computer for un-needed files. (If you haven't done this for a while it will take a LONG time, so be patient.) Once it is done scanning, go to the "More Options" tab and under "System Restore" select "Clean up". This might also take a while. Then go back to the "Disk Cleanup" tab and select all boxes EXCEPT the "Compress old files" option. Then Click "OK". This might also take a while. Once this is done, go back to the start menu, go to all programs, then accessories, then system tools, and click on the "Disk Defragmenter". Select the drive you have MineCraft on, and click "Defragment". This most likely will take a LONG, LONG, LONG time, but will be worth it in the end.

10. Close out any unnecessary windows (Derp easy and Very effective if you have a slow computer)
Just close any unneeded programs. Simple.

11. Shut down any unecessary tray icons (Derp easy and effective if you have a slow computer)
Right click in a tray icon, and click "Exit" if you can. Not all tray icons will shut down by doing this.

12. Use the downloadable version of MineCraft (Very easy and very effective)
Go HERE on the MineCraft website and download the "MineCraft.exe" file. Run this, sign in, and play MineCraft this way. The reason this helps, is if you are running it in browser, then your computer is running MineCraft, AND your browser window. This help especially if you use Google Chrome, as it uses a lot of RAM.

13. Make sure your computer didn't just start (All you have to do is wait, but EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE)
Just wait about 5-10 minutes before you start running MineCraft after you start your computer. If your computer has been on for a while, you should be fine. The reason this helps is many startup programs are initiating and will also use a lot of CPU power and extra RAM when they just started running.

14. Remove any unneeded mods (Easy and VERY effective)
Removing mods from MineCraft helps a great deal especially if you have a lot of Mob-adding mods. Mods that just add blocks or items are ok, but I would still recommend removing them. Pretty much, mods that add anything that moves will slow down MineCraft quite a bit.

15. Don't run MineCraft in fullscreen (Derp easy and VERY VERY EFFECTIVE)
If you run MineCraft on fullscreen, your computer/graphics card has to render twice to five times more blocks, or just renders them in higher quality, thus slowing MineCraft.

16. Get the newest version of Java (Kinda easy and Kinda effective)
Go to the JAVA Website and download the newest version of Java. Make sure that you re-allocate ram for that version in the options for Java. (You can see how to do this above.)

17. Don't have music playing from a media player on your computer (SOOO easy and REALLY effective)
If you have music playing from another program on your computer, it will slow down dramatically!

18. If you have a 64-bit system, take advantage of it! (Very effective!)
Download the 64-bit version of Java for your computer, it will help a LOT!

19. Get a new computer. (Effective immediately)
If your computer can't run MineCraft well, after doing most or all of the above, then you just need a new computer.

20. Put a cat on your computer (THE MOST EFFECTIVE)
Put a cat on your computer!! Best MineCraft speed boost eva!!!!

Sorry if I wasn't able to help you. But, I hope I did!

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05/10/2014 10:38 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Skinner
MinnaMiner09's Avatar
I have four Gb's of ram installed in my computer, and if use the option # 1 it doesnt work for me?

Any answers? Diamond for this one :)
12/21/2012 10:30 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Taco
8391ice's Avatar
Very nice and helpful. Diamond for you. :P
12/21/2012 10:41 pm
Level 24 : Expert Miner
Varelto's Avatar
Thanks, but the person you should really thank is Kickflip147 ^.^
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