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30 Minecraft Survival Games Tips!!

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iMinecraftPro's Avatar iMinecraftPro
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1. Never Run For The Cornucopia If More then 10 people

2. Study The Map For Chests Before Playing

3. Only Fight People With Weaker Swords and Armor

4. Dont Fight In The BloodBath

5. Know How Much Each Food Heals (eg. eating a golden apple when 9.5 hearts and 9.5 hunger)

6. Be Careful On Hills, Don't Slip Off Them.

7. Dont Be A N00b, Dont Hide, Go Hunt and Adventure.

8. Be At The Cornucopia Before The Feast.

9. When Feast Starts, Take Everything and GET THE HELL OUTA THERE! :D

10. A Bow and Arrow is useful!!!

11. Never Turn And Run From Your Opponent, He Can Shoot You, If He Has No Bow, Feel Free :D

12. Hungry? You CAN Break Leaves, You Can Find Apples.

13. Dont Have ANY Type Of Sword? You're Screwed......

14. Dont Run For Popular Places, It'll Turn Into A BloodBath........

15. Lastly, Dont Trust Anyone....... (Unless Your Close Friends :D) BUT STILL!

16. If Someone Doesn't See You, Sneak Up On Them

17. Dont Trust All Levers Or Buttons, They Can Lead To Traps!

18. Dont Waste Food!!!

19. If You Come Across an Alliance, Try To Join In...

20. If They Disagree, RUN!! They Will Have To Give Up At Some Stage

21. Dont Think A Wooden Sword Is Bad, You Can Take An Iron Sword Down With it

22. Only Sprint When Needed, Sprinting Makes You Loose Hunger FAST!

23. Dont Climb High Vines/Ladders When A Guy With A Bow Is Below You

24. DONT BETRAY YOUR FRIENDS! It Will Make It Easier To Kill Players When There is 2 Or More Of You

25. Be A Ninja, Look 360 Around You AT ALL TIMES!!

26. Make Sure You Know Where You Are Going

27. When In Combat, Spam Right and Left Click With Your Sword, Left To Hit, Right To Shield

28. Never Give Up, Theres Always A Way To Solve Your Problem....

29. I Have Seen This A lot, PUT YOUR ARMOUR ON! A Leather Helmet Can Save You A Few Hearts! Put IT ON!

30. Lastly, The Most Simple Tip...... Just Win.... :D

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09/13/2013 10:21 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
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Nice tips ;)
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