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5 things to do when bored minecraft

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Hello welcome guys to a new blog of mine.today i will be showing what to do when your bored at minecraft.Don't you
feel bored after playing for a while, well today you won't get bored now in minecraft he are the 5 ways what to do when bored playing minecraft

5-Just troll someone. Just troll .just do it i know you might not like it but still at least you get to laugh your ass off trolling and at least not get bored

4-Build something with friends and do funny things while doing the project, like punch each other, fight,etc. I know it might take longer but still will make you not really bored

3-make a mod,map,texturepack,project,skins,etc.it will make you have fun while makeing it and you will get likes and subs.

2-Have fun using mods,map.etc.it will not make it bored like vanilla minecraft. with you using mods and projects with
friends and then shooting each other in minecraft using a gun mod,have fun using the herobrine mod and have a adventure,and with maps like herobrines manision i sure enjoy it alot by hypixel or more adventure mapsthat you like this will help alot if your bored playing minecraft

1-And finnaly for #1 do all of the #5 though #2 all at the same world and at the same time you will have insane fun and be like ok lets play more minecraft and you will have and extreme fun i do this when im bored and it usally does't
make minecarft for me bored at all

so now you know my ways of what i do when im bored in minecraft just playing it vanilla minecraft so this is my opinion on what to do when bored at minecraft so hoped you enjoyed reading this blog and please like and diamond.

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