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50 MORE Things You Didnt Know About Minecraft!

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luke_chaos's Avatar luke_chaos
Level 31 : Artisan Creeper Hugger
Hey Luke Here,And Im Gonna Do A Blog Based On My YouTube Video So... Ok Lets Get Started

1:You Move Through Water Quicker When It's Encased.
2:Note blocks Don't Work Properly When Placed On Some Stone Blocks.
3:Repairing An Item Gives You a 10% Bonus
4:Flint & Steel Has 65 Uses
5:Bows Have 385 Shots
6:Sheers Have 239 Uses
7:Mobs Can Spawn On Rails,So Be Sure To Put Half Slabs Over Them.
8:You cant Put A Door On Ice. :(
9:Sheers Dont Take Damage When Destroying Wool
10:Ores Usually Spawn Vertically....SO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DIG AROUND!
11:There Are Creepy Pasta Faces In Soul Sand :O
12:It's Possible To Mine While Blocking.
13:An Ender Pearl Can Go Trough Bedrock
14:Ender Dragons Can Destroy Chests....But Not While There In A Mine cart!
15:Cacti Will Destroy Items
16:Using A Tool For Anything Else That It's Going To Be Used For Will Decrease It's Durability By 2
17:Roses Are Rarer Then Dandelions
18:On The Debug Screen The Nether Is Called Hell.
19:Ender Pearls Can Be Stopped By Vines.
20:Ferns Are Baby Christmas Trees.:D lol
21:"Achievement Get" Is A Japanese Mario Reference
22:Lapis Has About The Same Rarity As Diamonds
23:Weather Occurs every 7 Minecraft Days Except In Deserts..Witch Occurs Every 2 Hours
24:Ocelots Spawn Only Above Level 65
25:squids Only Spawn Between Levels 45 And 62
26:If You Stand At A Good Distance,Skeletons Will Usually Miss You
27:Slimes Only travel In Straight Lines
28:Pressure Plates Make A Swagg Infinate Water Holder
29:Pumpkins Are Naturally Harder To Find Then diamonds
30:Stairs Will Break Your Sprint....But Half Slabs Won't
31:Critical Hits Are Performed When Your Falling Not Jumping
32:ALL Fully Drawn Bows Are Critical
33:Nether Fortresses Are Unlimited
34:Splash Potions Do Nothing To Ender Dragon D:
35:Cakes Will Dissapear If You Break The Block Below Them
36:Using Sheers Will Give You No Apples Or Saplings D:
37:Starvation Will Only Kill You On hard Mode
38:Blocking Will Cut Damage In Half
39:Can't Open A Chest With Dirt On Top,But If Its Farmed Your Good To Go
40:Luring Animals With Wheat While In The End Does Not Work
41:Sprinting Is A Natural Knockback
42:Water Destroys All Cobwebs
43:Raw Chicken Has a 30% Chance To Kill You
44:You Can Put Rails On Dispensers :3
45:Ender Man can Pick Up TNT :(
46:Trees Can Grow Side By Side
47:Cakes Beneath Ice Still Give You The Sliding Effect
48:Ender Man Sounds Are People Saying hi! Hello! And Whats Up! All Distorted
49:You Cannot See Players Name Trough Chests or Signs
50:Signs Deify MineCraft In A Way

If You Want More Be Sure To Sub,Diamond,Favorite,And prank My Mom! PEACE

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10/21/2012 6:51 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Taco
yellowdog1690's Avatar
number 10 i said almost the exact same thing in my helpful entries blog contest :D
Number 18 XD i noticed that before
11/07/2012 11:11 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Triforcemaster01's Avatar
Some facts I knew
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