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8 Tips - How To Create Adventure Map Puzzles

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Welpjesfinx avatar Welpjesfinx
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Hey guys,

Since I totally feel like writing lots of blogs about giving tips on adventure maps, I decided to make another one.
This is because I am planning one myself. So here are 10 tips on how to create adventure map puzzles.

Tip 1: Hardly Any Obviousness
The purpose of puzzles is to get the player thinking. So giving away many tips and tricks will indeed make your puzzle easier, but that takes away the fun. You want the player to feel victorious and proud of themself after they completed a puzzle. Making the solution obvious won't give them this feeling. So do NOT give away anything (but if you really need to give away a tip, you can go ahead of course).

Tip 2: Embedding In The Environment
Make sure the puzzle fits the environment and is embedded into it. Let's say you are making a jungle temple with traps, then embed the puzzle you need to solve to deactivate one of the traps into the walls or floor (just like Mojang did with official jungle temples) and do not place down an obvious puzzle system in the middle of the air of the room). If you have an slide-on-ice puzzle, then please make one in a cold or icy area, and not in a volcano or jungle, unless there is a very good reason to do so.

Tip 3: Difficulty
If your puzzles is a redstone system with 3 levers that need to be switched in the right way, then your puzzle will be easy and solved quickly. I assume nobody wants their puzzle to be that simple. Please make hard puzzles (and ask people to test them to get to know their experience with the puzzle, whether they find it easy or not), but not teeth-grinding hard puzzles. Sure, one person can solve puzzles better than another, but making it extremely hard won't do your map any good.

Tip 4: Don't Spam
A puzzle here and there is OK, but don't make players go and solve one every 10 minutes, for this is incredibly annoying. To be honest, this counts for all adventure map aspects, such as boss fights and dungeons.

Tip 5: Innovate
Ok, ok, we get it. Another lever switching puzzle. Think up a new kind of puzzle. For example, you have to attach a pig to a leash and lead him all the way through a place. Problem is, you are on a different floor than the pig, but you can see him, and the only conenction between the wo of you is the leash. You can create very original, fun and intelligence requiring puzzes with this concept.

Tip 6: Don't Foretell The Puzzle
Never place down a sign saying "Solve this puzzle to proceed." or put a book in a chest saying "Solve this to defeat me. But you never will. <Insert evil laugh>" This will make your map amateurisch and unrealistic. You don't want people to think that of your map.

Tip 7: Don't Overdo Redstone
The first thing that comes to people's minds when they hear the word "Minecraft Puzzle" is redstone. But not every puzzles requires redstone. Even sidequests can be puzzles (you might use redstone for this as well for command blocks and spawning in a few mobs, but this is different from real redstone puzzles, in the sense of the word). Redstone puzzles MIGHT become repetitive and boring, and maybe even predictable. Unless you have a great imagination and great original ideas.

Tip 8: Make It Fun
Not only are puzzles there to make you think and to proceed afterwards, but they are also there for fun. If the puzzles is boring, hard and consumes too much time, chances are that players will stop playing the map. So please make sure that your puzzle is fun to solve. This is really important.

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06/20/2015 2:34 am
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I have done redstone for nearly 4 years and I can easily make an adventure map that runs 100% off of pure redstone. It's nice when you know unary counters and logic gates. Or binary adders and such, but that's usually not needed.
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