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Answers To - Diamonds

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Hey guys! TheHydraTank_2 here, with another Answer To - blog post! This time, I will me speaking to you about why PMC users don't diamond as often as they should. I will point out the 3 major groups of people who visit PMC, and the attributes of a quality post. So let's get right to it!

Why People Don't Diamond
I know for a fact that users wonder why they don't get as many diamonds that they think they deserve. This is for a few reasons. Giving a post a diamond requires a user to have an account. and as you know, PMC is a public website, so users have the ability to download content without an account. A significant amount of the views are from visitors without an account. Therefore, in order to comment, or diamond, the user must have an account. and not all of them do. Also, a user won't diamond, because they find that the submission may not be a "quality" post. now, just to clear something up here, a "quality" post doesn't mean it's a large map or texture pack like Sphax or the Survival Games maps. A quality post is a post that the creator worked hard on. A motto that I go by, is, "If I can't do better, don't say anything bad about it".

Groups Of Users
There are a few different kind of people who visit PMC. Those people can be sorted into the groups of I Don't Care group, the I'm Dedicated group, and the I Wish I Could group. In the I Don't Care group, the user is most likely a visitor, and went to PMC for a quick download. If they do like the post, they will keep it silent, so they don't have to set up an account. It's this laziness that get's on peoples nerves. Now, the I Wish I Could group is the majority if viewers. They look at a post, like it, and continue on with they're day. Then, if they like the post, they would try to go back, and create an account. Then they see other posts, and forget to make an account. Then, there's the I'm Dedicated group. This group already has an account, and they know how hard it is to create a quality post. They are the ones who give the diamonds, subscribe, and comment to submissions. The I'm Dedicated group is the group that would get the most respect.

Thanks For Listening
Don't forget to be an I'm Dedicated PMC member! minecraft-diamond-picpng

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