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avatar Guthn1x
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Hello, This is my idea for a mod. It is called... Archers mod

The mod would include quite a few things and is designed to enhance ranged combat in minecraft.

First off, there would be a quiver which would be used to to store arrows in. instead of taking up inventory space.
you would be able to enhance the quiver so it would hold more arrows (meaning a normal quiver would hold two stacks of arrows and could only be attached to leather armour) But as you upgrade your quiver it would be able to hold more arrows and can be equipped to higher tier's of armour e.g iron, diamond.

Extra bows

Seeing as there is only type of bow in minecraft i thought that i would be good to add more types of bows which would be more power full and had slight boasts to the person carrying them.

Other ranged weapons

Minecraft has no way to climb quickly and to make large jump at the moment ( by this i mean there is no item which aids this) So i throught what about a grappling hook, which when fired would latch on to blocks which where in a certain radius. Once latched on it would pull the player over to the spot and suspend them there - this would benifit climbing and could be useful whilst mining. Also a harpoon which could be used to kill distance or could be used to catch fish for dinner :D

This mod is just an idea but if anyone like to help me learn to code or would like to make this mod with me? just pm ( I would like to do textures if possible)

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