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Artificial workout

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avatar MarcusDavis2012
Level 19 : Journeyman Skinner
ive been using electrostimulation of my muslces to target the ones i want to build. it seems to be working very well, and i can do this while working on my novel, or playing minecraft, or other otherwise non athletic things. since i am not signaling them to move from my brain, buildup lactic acid does not cause any sort of fatigue so i can do it longer than conventional exercise. ill target each group for 30 minutes, and i have seen good levels of build in my arms, shoulders, theighs, and calves. and the cool part is the electricty is so mild that it only feels like a funny tingle, like when your arm goes to sleep.

i want to know what you think about electrostimulation, or artificial workout. do you think its still better to just workout? would you do it? any tips to improve build?

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