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Beginner to Advanced Minecraft Guide To PvP [Thanks for 2K+ Views!]

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Thanks so much for 2000+ views guy! If you want me to keep continuing this let me know.

A Guide to PvPing In Minecraft (Thanks for 2000+ Views!! That's amazing! Thank's everyone!)

Beginner to Advanced Minecraft Guide To PvP [Thanks for 2K+ Views!]
A fully detailed guide to PvPing in minecraft! Still a work in progress. Chapters added so far: 7. If you would like to see anything added head on down to the comment section and post suggestions. If i think it's a really good idea I will add a chapter for it.


Introduction of Minecraft

Introduction:Minecraft as you may all know is an extraordinary sandbox game. Most of you may know of it for its building, or survival. But that's not all to minecraft, there is also PvP in minecraft (Player vs. Player). Mainly PvP is on SMP servers which can be found on many websites. For example planetminecraft is one of the most well known one. But hey if you have a friend you play with on LAN you can PvP on that to.

Chapter 1. Items you'll need for PvP

Chapter 1:Alright. For PvP you will need to start off with some items first. For beginners you definitely need a sword and bow (of course arrows to). For more advanced people use Flint and Steel and/or Fishing Rod (More explained later on about these subjects). And if you were even more advanced some good things handy (If possible) cobwebs, and TNT (make sure not to use near a home or base if on single player or survival world). Something handy to keep at all times is Health potions or golden apples for health regeneration. Axes can also be used for PvP as they can destroy armor quicker then swords which can be very useful to bring down armor protection.

Chapter 2. Hit damage for each weapon

Chapter 2:

Wood Sword: 2 Hearts W/ Crit: 4 Hearts
Gold Sword: 2 Hearts W/ Crit: 4 Hearts
Stone Sword: 2 and a half hearts W/ Crit: 5 and a half hearts
Iron Sword: 3 Hearts W/ Crit: 7 Hearts
Diamond: 3 and a half hearts W/ Crit: 8 and a half hearts

Wood: 1 and a half hearts W/ Crit: 4 Hearts
Gold: 1 and a half hearts W/ Crit: 4 Hearts
Stone: 2 Hearts W/ Crit: 4 and a half hearts
Iron: 2 and a half hearts W/ Crit: 5 and a half hearts
Diamond: 3 Hearts W/ Crit: 6 Hearts

Depend on how much you pull back. Pull back for a little does 1 Heart. Medium pull back does 3 Hearts. All the way back does 5 Hearts

Fist: Does only half a heart.


Chapter 3. Strategies

Chapter 3:There are 2 PvP strategies i will talk about in this chapter. Those two strategies are strafing, and block-hitting.

Strafing: Strafing is when you circle the enemy whilst still attacking them. Making it more difficult for the enemy to attack. A good video found on strafing can be found here. All credit to the maker of the video www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-mhUjG7FO0 .

Block-Hitting: Block hitting is when you use both left click and right click to attack. When you block with your sword it reduces about 50% of damage. When block hitting you do your normal damage plus you reduce 50% of there damage. One downside to block hitting is you can't sprint while blocking with the sword. A good video can be found here www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvq4dM73MA0 again all credit to maker of the video.


Chapter 4: Killing teams of 2 + more

Chapter 4:For killing teams of 2 or more can be pretty difficult. This is where flint and steel can become very useful since with flint and steel you slow down the enemy plus he takes damage. First you wanna try to kill or target one of the people from the team at a time so you aren't being hit by multiple people. Again Flint and Steel can be useful there. A good video of someone using flint and steel for pvp, skip to 9:40 for Flint and Steel www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6N6wIA_FIc All credit to Thatonetomahawk for his video.

Another way to killing teams is strafing. When strafing, who knows you may make him hit his other teammate plus makes it difficult for them to hit you while your circling around them killing the team.


Chapter 5: Fishing Rod

Chapter 5:Since we pretty much talked about flint and steel in chapter 4, we will start with the fishing rod. The fishing rod technique can be a very useful technique for pvp.

First it can slow down the enemy. If there trying to run away you can hit them with your fishing rod to catch up. You may think it would just boost them, but really it messes up their sprint and allows you to catch up.

A second way it can be used for is stunning. When stunning with the fishing rod right before you hit them (i suggest you put the fishing rod right next to your sword so you can make a quick switch) it stuns them making them not be able to hit you for a second or so.

A third way to use the fishing rod is in water. If you have a teammate and your chasing the enemy in the water you can use your fishing rod to hit your teammate towards the enemy. Also if an enemy comes close in water use your fishing rod to hit them away.

A final way to use the fishing rod is to knock people off of things. For example, say you've been chasing someone and they went to the top of a building or tree. You can use the fishing rod to knock them off and fight them. Plus if high enough up take some fall damage and make them easier to kill.


Chapter 6: TNT Usage

Chapter 6:TNT Can be very helpful for pvp. Not all servers, atleast not many i know of allow TNT for pvp. But if possible to use it, it can be very helpful. Some servers i know of (One being Hivemc.eu) make it so TNT once placed automatically lights up like it has received a redstone signal. If your on a server that makes it so you need a redstone signal keep a redstone torch handy. TNT, mattering how close it is to the player, one is it slows them down, two they take damage making them easier to kill.


Chapter 7: Cobwebs

Chapter 7:Cobwebs can be very handy dealing with PvP. The only way to obtain cobwebs on survival is using shears and putting silk touch on them. You can do that with the anvil and an enchanted silk touch book. Or in some survival games servers you can get them in the chest around the map and place them. They can be very useful. For example your being chased and about to die. Turn around and place a cobweb slowing the enemy. And if you already had lots of health attack him while he's stuck in the cobweb or even place a TNT right next to him while he's stuck...

What would you like to see added?

Post in the comment for what you would like to see added to this guide!! I worked really hard on this guide and would love if you give a diamond, favorite, etc. Thanks!! Also will be updating more in the future.
CreditThatOneTomahawk (His video link is in the guide) and Thesaintsofgames (His video is in guide also) Hopefully you all subscribe these guys because they're both good.

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09/22/2016 7:06 pm
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Mine is relocated to F. The f5 key (perspective) is relocated to G, so I can check behind me easier.
05/18/2014 2:56 pm
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I binded my sprint key to q so I'm wondering if there is a more efficient key binding for sprint to improve my strafe?
09/28/2014 8:09 pm
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I personally prefer "R"
05/19/2016 2:14 pm
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If you hack then bind Kill Aura to R lmao
07/12/2014 9:08 am
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It is whichever is to your personal liking and fits you best. Personally my sprint key is shift, other people's i've seen are q,r, and f. It's up to you
09/01/2013 1:02 pm
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If you'd like to see anything added just comment on what you want.
07/30/2013 8:05 pm
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Would you guys like to see anything added?
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