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Being betrayed on, left out, alone

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SnowyLOLz's Avatar SnowyLOLz
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Hey everyone it's SnowyLOLz here.. this is apart of my series I am starting called "The feelings" Basically The Feelings is going to be a series where I talk about the feelings a good amount of people have, so lets get started.

Okay, So alot of people wanted me to talk about are the feelings we sometimes feel in our every-day life.
Those feelings are called. "Betrayal, left out, Alone" so what I want to be covering first is "Betrayal".

Betrayal is about your friend or your partner or even your family member or your girlfriend or boyfriend.
It can be a serious time in life when they can talk behind your back or cheat on you with someone else.
If they do that. the best thing I can tell you is that they missed out of having the best friend in the world or the best mate in the world, I say this because you will be you and if they try to change that, then they are clearly not your friend or soul mate. Now what I want to say about cheaters is that, and I say this again, they missed out on having the best male or female companion they can have because you can be the best of the best if you put your mind to it, and 1 more fact, if you somehow break up with that cheater it isnt the end of the world, there will be that one gal who thinks the same as me that you will be the best of the best. FACT

Now the second part I wanna discuss is being left out of any group.

Being left out is...............................


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07/01/2013 12:28 am
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yay i made a thing
07/01/2013 12:29 am
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OAH, TIS BOOTIFUL, I love you 100% right now <3
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