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better weather mod (for contest)

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miss_creator avatar miss_creator
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Hello I'm miss_creator and I want to let you know about my idea for a new minecraft mod: Better Weather Mod.

What is the better weather mod

This mod will add new kinds of weather and give the old kinds of weather new improvements. This way, playing Minecraft will make the game more realistic and more fun.

So... what does it change?

It will now be able to snow in al the bioms exept for the desert biom, so it will snow in the forest and on the hills. When there is snow on the ground and it starts to rain, it kinda melts and dissapears. Also when there is snow and the sun is shining, the snow will also melt.

What I also think that is boring, it always rains on the same way. With the new mod, it sometimes tains very hard and other times, you almost won't notice it, because it only rains a tinny bit.

You also got storms with alot of snow and then there doesn't come a tiny layer of snow over al the blocks but a whole block of snow.

And also for very heavy storms where it is raining extremly hard. In these storms there will not be lightning 2 times a minit but almost every 7 seconds. You will hear thunther, and you will see the lightning strike somthing.

And it will ad a new kind a fog, so not like you have now but more realistic.

Why would this be helpfull in survival?

This way it will be easier to got snow because you don't have to find a biom for it. And because it will be able for entire snowblocks to come wen it is snowing hard you can get snow very fast.

Also when it is raining hard and you got a farmland that doesn't have a water source near it, it will still become moistened very fast.

But it can also be very hard to survive....

Because of al the snow it can be harder to get stuff like: dirt, water, sand, seeds, etc.

and when there is alot of lightning there is a chance that your house will easiely get on fire.

Will it be any differant for creative

Well yes it will. Because you got more differant kinds of weather you can make much more beautiful schreenshots. Just think of it like this: if you got a creepy castle you want alot of lightning or alot of hard rain. When you make something spooky you want more fog.

And sometimes you want it snowing but you can't alwase build it in a snowy biom. Well now you don't have to find 1.

I hope you al like my idea for this mod very much. and please diamond and favorit it, if you like my idea and if you hope that my idea will get in the top 10.

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12/09/2019 4:20 am
Level 44 : Master Artist
miss_creator avatar
i typed this exactly 7 years ago.
im pretty sure this is the only relic left of the way i typed back then.
reading this makes me want to hit my old self
01/08/2020 1:35 am
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10/04/2014 6:11 am
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PCLiver 1
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What Aboat The Clouds,It Needs Collision,Bigger And Tall Clouds At Different Heights,And Severe Weather.BTW Nice Plan For A Mod
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