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avatar - Crystall -
Level 7 : Apprentice Warrior
Hi Hi!!!! So some of you may know of the poplar mod '' Biomes o' Plenty '' which gives you over 40 new biomes to explore and discover, most which are very pretty!!! Before we get into it, keep in mind THIS MOD IS NOT MINE  credit to Biomes o' plenty wiki for the info and The creators of the mod for the actual things

Today I will be showcasing some of the biomes and highlights :D I didn't make a skin cuz I too lazy !


High mountains coated with snow blocks, under the snow blocks
lay spring water pools. This was made to resemble the mountain range
located in Central Europe.
Bamboo Forest A biome made of tall lush bamboo trees. The floor can sometimes be made of Podzol blocks.


A flat marsh biome of willow trees with grey murky water.


The Bog consists of decaying trees and frequent water & poison pools.

Boreal Forest

Forests of Spruce and deciduous trees mixed together, to form this biome.


The Brushland consists of spread out small brush-like trees (hence the name).


Biome consisting of hilly landscape, scattered small shrubs, and bushes. Small pockets of stone can also be found

Cherry Blossom Grove A beautiful and wondrous biome containing lush-coloured grass with Pink and White Cherry Trees

Cold Desert

A new biome released in 1.8, flat gravel, snow and stone covered grounds with some ice pits, serves as a replacement for Arctic Biomes.

Coniferous Forest Gigantic fir tree forests with a cool temperature and dull colored grass.//


Large stone pillars with flat tops and Overgrown Stone

Dead Forest

Dying forest full of sparsely populated trees.

Dead swamp

Swamp biome consisting of dying trees and dark green grass

Eucalyptus Forest A forest biome consisting of tall, thin trees with many oak shrubs littered on the ground.


A decaying forest filled with tallish dark oak and dying trees.

Flower Field

A vast expanse of flat terrain with tulips on almost every piece of ground.


Treeless, plain-like biome with many ponds here and there along with an abundance of sugar canes


Beautiful Birch and Spruce Pear-Shaped trees make up this biome of dark grass


This biome consists of rough, high terrain with cobblestone boulders and lacks trees.

Land of Lakes

A colorful, mixed forest, made up of scattered islands around
large lakes, created to resemble the forests around the Great Lakes of
southern Canada and the United States.

Lavender Fields it glitched again, just click on the name

Lush Desert

Desert made of hardened clay and flourishing, but messy trees. Unlike deserts, lush deserts have more vegetation.

Lush Swamp

Rich swamps providing more welcoming shades of green.


A swampy forest of many Mangrove Trees sprouting out from the water. Water in this biome turns into a greyish green color

Maple Woods

Maple and spruce trees littered about that resemble a taiga-like biome.


Flat land at sea level with many small pools and dirt patches.


A grassy biome with a few spruce trees and bushes scattered around.


Highlands of deep blue pools and swampflowers


Mountain Peaks of Oak, Pine and a range of blocks made to recreate the high Outdoor Wilderness.

Mystic Grove

Majestic grove of purple waters and beautiful enchanted trees. It is rare to find, though.

Ominous Woods //// its the glitch.. click the name


Formerly a sub-biome for the plains, it is now fields of large oak trees and bright grass, now serves as a replacement for the Dense Forest and possibly the Overgrown Greens.


Dusty flatlands with shrubs and red sand.

Overgrown Cliffs A very new tropical biome consisting of flat basins and huge high peaks of large Oak Bushes and Mahogany Trees.


A biome with light-colored grass and several trees scattered.


Muddy pits of frequent water pools and dead trees. The water is
colored a rich brown and hardly any plants can grow in this biome.


A lush biome with many flowering oak trees.

Redwood Forest // Glitch, click on the name

Sacred Springs // glitched, click on the name pls


I hope this info helped to you to find you perfect biome

yes, i did leave out most biomes CUZ THERES TOO MANY...
that just goes to show that this is one amazing mod!!! Its not just biomes though, they have items, animals and another dimension ( which got removed becuase it was too much for a laptop, or desktop to handle!

If you have any suggestions for more blogs or questions, put them in the comments!!! To see pictures of the biome, click the name of the biome to go to its wiki page //

where I got the info * click me *
Remember to go check out the Biomes o plenty wiki for more biomes, items and mobs already here and to come!!

credit to the makers of biomes o plenty
not my mod

CreditBiomes o plenty Wiki and the creator of the mod

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