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Black Mesa Status Update #9

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BonnieRobloxRIP avatar BonnieRobloxRIP
Level 29 : Expert Collective
The Remakes Progress in percentage:

Chapter 1: 8%
Chapter 2: 0%
Chapter 3: 0%
Chapter 4: 0%

Mod progress: (chapter 1 blocks 0%, weapons: 0%,mobs: 0%) Not working on it until chapter 1 is ready

Development Status 21/06/22 (June 21st 2022): Slow
Duration of my Motivation: infinite

What do we see on this image?

that some progress has been made on the 3rd big area of the map!
in Black Mesa this is the second big place your tram goes through at the very beginning, the first one being where you start at.

While i have included an extra area from the Black Mesa Blue Shift mod so that i can have proper spawnpoint for the player.

An update on my life: I have a pretty serious heart related issue which affects my condition for the day. Tired,Weak,Nausea,Difficulty Breathing,No enough blood in the head (how it feels not how it actually is for the head). just symptoms.

Future Progress will be delayed for now due to that. I want to recover from this and this requires me to stop doing minecraft and other games until full recovery has happened. (yes i can recover from this heart issue. cool i guess)

Thanks for reading and cya all next time.

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