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Brewing and Potion Recipes!

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paulyester avatar paulyester
Level 47 : Master Creeper
Name Icon Use Brewing Stand
Grid Brewing Standpng Distills reagents into glass bottles. Cauldron
Grid Cauldronpng Each one can hold a water bucket.
Each cauldron can fill 3 bottles. Glass Bottle
Grid Glass Bottlepng Container for all kinds of potions. Water Bottle
Grid Water Bottlepng The starting base for all potions.
Made by filling a glass bottle from a cauldron or water source.


Reagents are used in conjunction with the above components to produce a whole array of potions and splash potions.

Base Affecting Reagents

Base-affecting reagents are necessary to create primary and tertiary potions and affect the duration and intensity of a tertiary potion's effects. Gunpowder affects the application of the potion when used (thrown vs. being consumed by the player).

Name Icon Base reagent for Effect Fermented Spider Eye
Grid Fermented Spider Eyepng Potion of Weakness Lessens positive effects
Induces negative effects Glowstone Dust
Grid Glowstone Dustpng Thick Potion Increases effects
Decreases potion duration Nether Wart
Grid Nether Wart Seedspng Awkward Potion None Redstone Dust
Grid Redstone Dustpng Mundane Potion
(Extended) Decreases effects
Increases potion duration Gunpowder
Grid Gunpowderpng Any Splash Potion Transfers the potion's effect to any mob within 3 - 5 squares of
where the thrown potion lands.

Effecting Reagents

Effecting reagents imbue Awkward Potion with a particular effect and do not affect potion duration or intensity. When brewed with a Water Bottle, any of these reagents will produce a Mundane Potion.n

Name Icon Effect Blaze Powder
Grid Blaze Powderpng Strength Ghast Tear
Grid Ghast Tearpng Regeneration Glistering Melon
Grid Glistering Melonpng Instant Health Magma Cream
Grid Magma Creampng Fire Resistance Spider Eye
Grid Spider Eyepng Poisoning Sugar
Grid Sugarpng Speed

Paired Effecting Reagents

Paired effecting reagents are effecting reagents that create negative tertiary potions when paired with a Fermented Spider Eye.

Brew an Icon followed by an Icon for a Potion of Spider Eye or
Glistering Melon
Grid Spider Eyepng

Grid Glistering Melonpng Fermented Spider Eye
Grid Fermented Spider Eyepng Harm

Sugar or
Magma Cream
Grid Sugarpng

Grid Magma Creampng Fermented Spider Eye
Grid Fermented Spider Eyepng Slowness Blaze Powder or
Ghast Tear
Grid Blaze Powderpng

Grid Ghast Tearpng Fermented Spider Eye
Grid Fermented Spider Eyepng Weakness



All primary potions are created by brewing a single reagent with a Water Bottle and can be combined with Gunpowder to create their throwable Splash Potion counterparts.

Potion Ingredients Brewing Setup Effect Precursor ton
Grid Awkward Potionpng
Awkward Potion Nether Wart
Water Bottle

Grid layout Brewing Bubblesgif
Grid layout None smallpngGrid Nether Wart SeedspngGrid layout Brewing Arrowpng
Grid layout bottlepng
Grid layout bottlepngGrid Water Bottlepng
Grid layout bottlepngGrid layout Brewing Pathspng None Instant Health
Potion of Fire Resistance
Potion of Poison
Potion of Regeneration
Potion of Strength
Potion of Swiftness


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Update #2 : 06/13/2012 3:45:30 pmJun 13th, 2012

Added new image that shows what items you need to create a certain potion and blah blah... Enjoy! Sorry for the messed up stuff. Also sorry for bad quality on pic :c

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04/15/2014 5:09 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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but how do you brew invisibility
01/11/2014 7:26 am
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I thought these were irl recipes xD
11/18/2011 10:56 pm
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thanks for the help :DDDD
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