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Build Styles: A simple guide

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Minecraft, your quiet world without all the technology and chaos - unless on tekkit - Your paradise to shape and form how you see fit. Create and design what you want. A modern style city or medieval town, its up to you.

This blog is mainly for new minecrafters or anyone new to all the build styles/themes you will come across, in our block-universe, or anyone just interested to see how I or any of the people who helped with this post would describe certain build styles/methods.

Arrexp Described their style of building as "a pattern builder" You start by making part of a building, you design and style it with slabs, stairs, windows anything you like for decoration. You then copy/repeat this design till you have a structure, you can then finish off this style by adding decorations like patterns and organic art to the walls, or other parts of the build

Originally by Arrexp

Saxxy gave a very detailed explanation of "Rustic/Classic" style, Also describing trends and his personal methods. I enjoy the rustic theme quite a bit. The classic themes and detailed buildings that remind someone of minecraft beta without being too simple really stand out to me. I started building a ton in beta 1.5, and that style stuck with me. The new blocks that have been added since are great, but I find it difficult to stop using this style. I end up mixing in the newer styles and trends with the older themes, and it gives me my personal favorite style. It is not really popular, but it works for me.

Building styles are trendy within planet minecraft, just as styles are in real life. A couple months ago, the style of intricate and abstract "organics" were really in. I am terrible at building like that, so it wasn't good for me. I remember when castles and forts were really in, which was something I could build at. The Rustic style is probably not going to ever be popular again, but those who stay with the trends, I envy your flexibility to learn. I should expand on my style, but I really always default to Rustic.

By Saxxy

C4ndyr4vr603 Gave an extremely detailed description/overview of the "Modern" style.
The term "modern" is really kind of a catch-all term that refers to anything that has a newish or non-traditional appearance. The label of modern, though, and particularly modern architecture has a very specific usage and refers to the architectural style of the early 20th century, from about 1900 to the 1970's. It emphasizes simplicity, lack of ornamentation and bold lines.

Several schools of modernism have risen during the last century including the German Bauhaus which used lots of clean, unadorned surfaces and blond wood and the International Style which used glass, steel and concrete and lots of right angles. Many modern skyscrapers are built in the International Style.

Sometimes I might work in what might be considered a postmodern style, though which can be a little different from modern.

Postmodernism began as a reaction to the modern style and uses some pre-modern ornamentation while still relying on the use of new materials and building techniques as well as bold lines.

By C4ndyr4vr603

Medieval style, to me would be anything from the middle ages or made to represent building styles from that era. For example allot of buildings in the middle ages were influenced by the church - Catholic or Protestant not too sure - But allot of architecture features religious influence in its decoration, and structure. Such as symbols on walls like the cross, or lots of columns and pillars of roman influence, this also included styles or archways and even some shapes for window. Some buildings would be a half timber - wooden plank - structure while some was stone, or Jettying which is where the upper floors extend further out than the lower.

Basically the whole style of "Medieval" has a huge amount of sub categories, with quite a few variations in the structures.

By Me

I do not claim to have written any of these paragraphs, I expanded on the first one, but full credit is to be given to the people who's name follows/starts a paragraph
If you wish to add to this blog post to help the community, please either PM me here or just comment - credit will always be given

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CreditArrexp, Saxxy, C4ndyr4vr603, Nameless5660

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I like the part saxxy wrote.
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I thought you might :D
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