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How to make an airplane

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SemiSweetPotato's Avatar SemiSweetPotato
Level 42 : Master Architect
Today I will show you how to build a realistic airplane

You will need:
- Minecraft
- An internet browser
- Dedication
- MCEdit or WorldEdit (not required but will help)

Step 1: Decide
There are so many planes out there. I will build a mid-sized widebody jet, the Boeing 767-300.

Step 2: Research
You need to find the plane seat map online. I recommend SeatGuru by TripAdvisor because it shows lots of different planes for each airline. It also shows lavatories, galleys, exits, etc. This is a sample 767-300 map:


Step 3: Nose
The nose is usually the hardest part for me. To be honest, my noses are not perfect. Be sure to furnish the cockpit with two seats and flight controls (levers, buttons, repeaters, comparators, etc)


Step 4: Time to build!
Just stick to the seat map. Make sure to include all lavatories, galleys, closets, emergency exits, etc.

Business class flat-bed seats
Economy class seats

Step 5: Tail
Once you finish the fuselage, be sure to add a slanted tail. Include horizontal stablilizers and the fin.
Step 6: Wings
Wings are marked on SeatGuru seat maps. On this map, they go from the 2nd row of  economy to the 6th row behind the window exits. Wings look good made out of iron blocks because they contrast the quartz fuselage. Be sure to add engines and make the wing slanted. At this point, you may want to look up the plane in real life to see how many engines you should have (2 or 4) and whether you have winglets (wingtips) or not. The 767-300 has 2 engines and no winglets.
Step 7: Almost there!
If your plane is flying, you can skip this step. Now it is time to add the landing gear. Look at an image of the plane to make sure you have the right amount and placement of wheels.
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Now, paint the plane in an airline livery of your choice. You may have seen some of my other planes in the background.
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08/20/2015 1:28 am
Level 27 : Expert Dragonborn
ZeDarkReapa's Avatar
You should make a survival map called somthin like "Plane crash"
Where first your just siting down. and then all of a-suddon the plane is diving down.
And then it hits the ground and tnt blows everywhere! and last but not least the crash sight. with fire an all.
If you can make a good plane. You can make a good crash sight.
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