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Building with Dreamwanderer: How I do my builds

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DreamWanderer avatar DreamWanderer
Level 78 : Legendary Pegasus
Hello all :) I felt like giving a little behind the scenes of how I work on my builds.

    1. First order of business is picking out a build from my "To Build List"
This is just a short example of my list. Out of the 170 some bookmarks I have (little peek of what I have for the future).

I will first go down through my list, and pick out the builds I would like to do, then I will narrow them down to one. The one I pick to do will be moved to the top of my bookmarks bar. As I have shown here.

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Building with Dreamwanderer: How I do my builds

Next step will be to pick out my reference images. I will usually try to find pictures of every side of the build. Front, back, left, right, rear.

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Building with Dreamwanderer: How I do my builds

Building with Dreamwanderer: How I do my builds

Next step. I will open Minecraft, and using the Reference images I will pick out the blocks I think I will need. After I have everything I need I will start on the Cab of the machine.
The Cab
Here I will start with the basic cab. Inside the glass is the stair, and grindstone I have used to imitate the seat, and head rest. The dropper on the bottom is to try to look like the dashboard.

I will then put the roof on the cab, and add the mirrors

Next up is detailing the cab. And using banners to get the look of the framing of the door and windows.

Working on the hood
Next up I will start work on the front end by outlining the hood

Next up I will start getting the shape of the hood, and adding the banner grille

I was a little stumped with what do next. So I would come back to that later, and I went around back to work on the Exhaust, and what I assume is the cab air filter/AC

Working on Hood continued
With the top of the hood complete. I start shaping the underside of the machine

While the hood is still open. I will put a simple looking engine inside. I know most never see it, but I like to have the little added detail.

Fenders, and tracks
Closing up the hood. I will begin adding the fenders. I must admit. It took me a long time to figure out the fenders lol

Adding detail

Putting on the Air Filter for the engine, just above the fender

Next up I will add the Headlights. Using my little trick I use for most truck headlights. I will use Worldedit to select just one half of a bed, and then paste them onto the fenders. It is a little bit tricky tho. As a half bed is not supposed to exist, and if any block is changed nearby the while pop off lol

Its starting to take shape now. I add the tracks under the cab, and use worldedit to lower the machine to the ground.

Building the rest of the machine
Placing the machine on the ground. I will roughly place the rear tracks where I think they should be

Adding steps and railing

Linking the two halves together with the articulated part, and adding detail

I will then place the rear fenders of the tracks using a combo of stairs

Adding rear detail

The finished tractor awaiting on its scraper

After completing the tractor. I will then begin work on the scraper.

Working on the scraper
I will start off on the scraper by referencing the image of the machine with the scraper, and beginning work on the hitch of the scraper

Filling in some detail in the middle. I will then place the rear wheels where I think they should go.

Outlining the sides.

Adding some extra detail up front such as the hydraulics, and the gate.

I will then start filling in the sides of the scraper, adding detail as I go.

Adding in the rear of the scraper, completing the basic scraper bowl.

Adding details of the rear wheels.

Some little detailing on the sides.

And then finally the rear bumper of the scraper.

And there you have it. My quick summary of my building process, and how my builds go from start to finish.

Here is the finished un-rendererd build
And then finally rendered.

I know this is kind of messy, but Its my first ever blog lol.


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08/09/2021 1:22 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
CUBIES avatar
I don't know what to say?.!!!...?........ It's kinda cooooool. :( :)
08/03/2021 8:10 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Sailor
LostInSpace avatar
Interesting, that you start building from top to bottom. Regardless of what kind of vehicle it is, I always start from the bottom. In this case I would start with the wheels/tracks.
I like that you added alot of pictures to this blog :)
08/04/2021 4:58 am
Level 78 : Legendary Pegasus
DreamWanderer avatar
Oddly enough I build from top to bottom with everything, except my trucks, which then I start with the the front wheels, and work up and back.
07/30/2021 9:45 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Senpai
Stubbs1 avatar
Really cool to see how you actually make your vehicles :D I would love to see/read more "messy" blogs alike this one!
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