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Drenched in maple syrup and dotted inside with melted chocolate chips.

A snowfall of powdered sugar rests atop hills and valleys

A strawberry, resting in a bed of whipped cream, is drifted in snow as well,

Sugary snowflakes melting in the warm lights of a cafe.

Cream melts in a mug of hot chocolate

Sizzling bacon sits on a plate, fresh and hot

Chatter drifts through the warm air, sugary sweet and tinted with light and cheer

Outside the window, it is snowing as well

Bright lights twinkle on evergreen trees

Bags jostle, gift wrapping of greens and reds and snowflakes and gold stripes

Scarves and jackets, lined with fur, boots and gloves and hats

Shield from the cold air and the frosty snow.

A bell jingles.


yes I wrote a poem about food

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