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Caring For MC Cats

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WarriorCatsrock334's Avatar WarriorCatsrock334
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Hello! This guide will tell you how to properly care for a Minecraft cat.

To tame a Minecraft ocelot, you must have a raw fish of any kind in your hand. Sneak slowly towards the ocelot, and wait, as it crouches, stalking towards your fish. Once the ocelot stands in front of you, right-click the ocelot with the fish. After a few tries, it will become tame, then turning into a cat of the three breeds: Tabby, Tuxedo, and Siamese.

Don't Abuse
Once you have your new ocelot/cat, please, don't use or abuse it. By that, I mean, don't tame it for the fact that it scares creepers, or don't tame it to torture. That is just cruel. Period!

Wild ocelot ways
The wild Minecraft ocelot will spawn in jungles, and run from anything but chickens, and creepers. The wild Minecraft ocelot will kill Minecraft chickens.

Prepare for the arrival of your new cat. Improve your house a bit. Maybe add a backyard, or a few extra rooms. If you plan on having kittens, get the house ready, by expanding it a bit, because the more pets, the more room you'll need.

To breed a cat, get two raw fish, of any kind, then feed (right-click) it to the two cats you plan on breeding. They will head-butt each other until a kitten appears.

Protect the chests
If you have a cat, it might want to sit down on your chests, thus making it unable to open. To prevent this, simply place a slab of any type over the chest.

If your cat dies, then don't just say, "Whatever." you should at least build a grave, or something for memory.

Spend time with your cat
Your cat will need attention. Don't just make it sit around the house all day. Take it with you on adventures, with mining, and other things. Your cat could be your best friend. Give it a bit of love.

Comment below what other guides you want. Next up is the Sheep Farming Guide!
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12/22/2013 1:02 pm
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-Kumatora-'s Avatar
can you do it for dogs plz
01/10/2014 3:43 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Artist
WarriorCatsrock334's Avatar
Sure! :D
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