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Cass's Stories:Herobrine Unleashed Pt.2

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Cassteal avatar Cassteal
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragon
I finished reading and I really don't care.I don't believe in him,yes I saw him...uhm.....CANDY!Yes I unleashed Herobrine,but he is just a son of a monkey so I don't care.Im going mining with my friend.*two hours later*RUN!A spider army crawled from behind us as we ran out of the mine,we turned a corner and stopped dead in our tracks.Right in front of us was a bridge surrounded by lava.My friend and I walked across the bridge carefully,slowly,cautiously.We did not know at the time what we were about to enter.We finished crossing and fell into a deep dark pit.We awoke to see a door right in front of us.A dusty lever just sitting there.We had no choice...we had to pull it!I pulled it and fire rose and shot out,luckily we dodged it just in time.Once the fire was cleared their was a path.We walked down very afraid of what might happen next.Then,we walked into a huge dark room.Lights turned on and in front of us,sitting in a throne,Herobrine.We tried to turn back,but he grabbed us and threw us on the ground.He shouted"Your friend...Steve...has opened my cage of doom and let me out!"He was saying this to my friend and I was so ashamed because...I did let him out."Now Steve,you must suffer!Obviously you were created by Notch my evil brother so you must!"My eyes started to burn from a huge light source.I looked to my side and my friend....was burning in lava.I ran to him,but Herobrine grabbed me by the neck and said"Watch your friend,this is all your fault he is dying."Then my friend said,"Steve...I love you like a brother,I know I won't make it...please a..venge...me.Tears starting to come out of my eyes as my friend's body fell under the lava I slapped Herobrine.Kicked him in the nuts and punched him in the face.That is when he got really mad...and he forged a diamond sword.He tried to stab me and I grabbed his arm twisted it and grabbed the sword.I stabbed him in the leg and ran.Everything started to close around me,the walls started to crumble.I started for the staircase,made it up,and found the entrance leading outside!Their was a book on the ramp though,titled Herobrine Forged could come in handy I thought so I grabbed it and pushed through the doors.Ran towards my house and once I reached it sat in a chair and cried.I thought of my friend and then the book.I grabbed the book,clenching my fists,opened it,and began to read...


Hello everyone!

Part 1 of Herobrine Unleashed May be found here!


It has also now been renamed so nvm the story of herobrine part.

Remember Diamond if you like it!

You guys are awesome,thanks for reading!

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