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Castles - English

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Castles of England
This is aimed at medieval styled builders who want to start building castles but have no idea of how they run or worked. This will give insight and much more!
When we think about the medieval era, a number of odd things according to todayo s scenario come in our minds. The castle is undoubtedly one of the things that gained popularity in the middle ages. There is a misconception among the masses that castles were used only for the purpose of warfare. But, as a matter of the fact, it had another purpose also, i.e., they were also used to keep the families of the owners at the time of peace.

There were distinct types of castles, which were varied depending upon the nations. The English castles had their own significance, as the famous William the Conqueror conquered England in 1066. He ordered to build the castles after the War of Hastings in areas like Nottingham, York, Warwick, Lincoln, Cambridge and Huntingdon. These castles were not much concerned with the tall walls. Earth and timber were used in order to build the first castles. Motte and bailey were part of the plan.

A conical mound with a flat top was known as motte. Most of the mottes were raised by digging a ditch deeply around the site. After digging a ditch, soil was heaped inside. Natural hillocks or rock outcroppings were also used to make the motte, wherever possible. For producing the required size of mound, more material was needed, which could be acquired from elsewhere. Ditch and a dirt bank behind the ditch would defend the mound and enclosure, which would be topped with a timber stockade. Water was also filled in the ditches sometimes. Occasionally, hedges of briars and thrones would also be planted for adding another natural wall of defense.

A timber tower would be inside the stockade of mound. Strongpoint of the mound was formed by tower and motte. They were used as very last defense when attackers succeeded to overrun the bailey. A strongly defended gate was the entrance of the bailey, which was usually at the end of a bridge. The gadget would run over a ditch.

The motte and bailey castles were inexpensive and quick to erect. They were formidable obstacle for the attackers in medieval dresses and with middle-age weapons. Mottes were ranged to 25 to 30 feet with over 80 feet in height. Bailey would cover the area of one to three acres.

Moreover, the castles were the wonderful places as the abode of the ownerso families and servants. Many of these castles exist today also reminding us the glory of the medieval era.

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