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Conidae [Ed]

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Level 40 : Master Loremaster
Ed was a poor man living in a small house at the end of the street;
One day Ed saw a mysterious man near his house and offered him a bet, a heads or tails one
If Ed got tails he would have got all of the man's money, but if he got head he would be sent out of his home
So Ed being a Poor guy accepted this bet, and he was lucky enough to land the coin on tails.
Now that Ed won the bet he could have lived the life of his dreams, living in a big mansion, having fun, and most important for him having money.
The first day of his richness were glorious, until he found a slot machine sitting around in a corner; Ed was scared of the machine, he didnt know if to use it or not, so he put a coin in it and got 3 more coins, he put another coin, and he won again.
After this he wasnt the same happy man as he was before, you could say that he was attached to money so much that he became the physical embodiment of Greed.
One Day he met the same mysterious man and the man asked for another game, this time for a game of poker
Ed being the Greedy man that he was Accepted the bet, and he lost it.
The mysterious man grabbed a knife and stabbed Ed in the abdomen;
Ed was left with no breath and died a painful death
once he awakened in purgatory he got to talk with an angel that offered him a deal, being it that if Ed would revert back to his humble spirit he could have returned back to his world, but to a cost, the cost being to not fall for gambling anymore
Ed accepted

some days pass and he finds this Conidae thing wich he joins

character design comidng

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