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Deep thoughts: What do we call "ME", and what we really are

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It looks very simple, right? In real life we are humans, we call our body "me". In Minecraft we call the player we control "me". Of course it's absolutely right to call these two "me", but if we'll look at it from science's point of view we'll see it's not that simple. In case of the player in Minecraft, the player that you call "me" is the player you control - very simple. But in real life - what do you call "me"? The whole body, including the heart, the brain and everything else. Is it what we really are? Nope. Technically, what I really am is just some areas in the brain that work together. I will try to explain it, comment if you don't understand something.

Don't all parts of the brain work together?
Our living organism "wants" to survive. To not die it needs to control two things: everything that happens inside the body (for example, controlling heart beats) and controlling the movement of the body. We can't control our heart, and we don't even feel it - unlike the parts of our body that we can control. There are some parts in the human brain that work together to collect information from our senses, use it to understand what's going on around us and decide what to do. But these sectors in the brain aren't allowed to do whatever the want, they exist to do a very specific task. There are things that we shouldn't normally control, for example reflexes and breathing. But we do have access to these and we can control them, we also can deactivate, change and create reflexes. We can do it because the organism is aware of the fact we can know better than him if we really need to behave "not normally". For example, we can stop breathing when we know we are going to go underwater or when we know there's a poisonous gas around us. We normally don't even think about our breathing and don't feel it, but in some cases, when we need it, we can get full control and all the information we need about it so we can be completely aware of what we're doing.
So basically, we are a bunch of cells in the brain (most of the brain actually) that work together. The rest of the brain and the body aren't part of us, they are parts of a bigger structure. We, our body and the rest of the brain together are Humans.

Please comment and let me know what you think about this idea.

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05/27/2014 7:25 am
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Not how I pictured my internet viewing today, but OK.
05/27/2014 4:35 pm
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LOL this is the most expected reaction ;-]
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