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DESERTMANIA (Default World)

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avatar SJTheGirl
Level 39 : Artisan Unicorn
Hihi I'm back with the 2nd seed of the day. This seed is literally desertmania!!! Its a default world for 1.3.1+ and the seed is a seed I randomly typed in and I'm glad I did! The seed is: -1732278473

You spawn near a desert well! RIGHT Next to a desert temple! It has some real rewarding loot, just look in my toolbar/hotbar/thing selection bar at the bottom in the picture of a 2nd desert well with a cactus o.O

There is a village nearby with a blacksmith :O The loot... you need to see it yourself. Its not that good. :(

There is also a skeleton spawner nearby. With only one chest :( BUT It has the gold music disc! :D (It is sunken)

There is ALSO a TRIPLE Ravine nearby too! With an abandoned mine :o

THERE IS ALSO.. another desert temple quite far away from spawn but its in a jungle/plains and no where near a desert..

Another desert temple quite far away from spawn in an actual desert too!

Another village near the 3rd desert temple


Desert well #1 and Temple- x: 172 y: 74 z: 191

Village- x: 50 y: 66 z: 32

Desert well #2- x: 14 y: 71 z: 8

Triple Ravine- x: 123 y: 68 z: 112

Skele Spawner/ Dungeon- x: 293 y: 71 z: 217

Desert temple in a jugle/plains- x: 421 y: 76 z: 421

3rd desert temple- z: 885 y: 76 z: 790

2nd village- x: 757 y: 70 z: 849

Thats about it.. LOL Alot of stuff. This seed took me about 45 minutes to explore! I couldn't find a stronghold :( I tried and the eyes just kept switching direction and I got bored.

THANKS For looking at this Diamond and favourite if you liked this, subscribe if you want more!



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