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Do you know your bandwidth?

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Daneitoa's Avatar Daneitoa
Level 31 : Artisan Architect
Have you ever HOSTED a minecraft server?

Well, there are two types, both bukkit and vanilla/chocolate.

The only difference, bukkit has very, very little use, and can not be used to apply mods. Only plugins.

Blah blah blah, plugins only allow functions int eh game, like way points and such. Modded vanilla servers work with teh actual MOD.

A good example is my latest server, which is modded with Better Than Wolves.

Being as there are not very many servers that people are hosting with the BTW mod, I have been smart enough, and generous enough to bring one up.

There are a lot of players on it, yeah, woohoo, but...

Do you know how much bandwidth this is costing?

You watch youtube, and every minute takes up 2-3 MB of bandwidth.

You download music, and however much you download, yeah, that's how much it takes out.

you host a server, it does nothing. Absolutely nothing.

That's not entirely true.

Your bandwidth accounts for both what you upload, and what you download. Youtube, and downloads (obviously), take up your download memory, and it adds up to what you can use.

A minecraft server does nothing right?

Wrong. Or, rather, not entirely. Every time you log onto a server you are downloading data. But when someone logs onto your server, and it is hosted on your computer, you are uploading data.

How much?

one player is about 10-20 KB per SECOND.

Direct quote from a user named ZaphodX:

You use on average 10-20Kbps per player. That works out to about 55MB per hour, per person. So for 5 players simultaneously you will use about 275MB per hour.

That means that you use up 200 GB in bout a month.

That is, assuming that you have 5 people getting on 24/7.

this is something that you must take into consideration.

I just checked my internet stats on bandwidth. Not much has happened since I started hosting, but with everything happening, without my server up, my household uses 100 GB a month. Hosting my server WILL DEFINITELY increase it either 50-100 more GB, making it 150-200 GB every month, and more.

My limit is 200GB per month in bandwidth.

If I go over, it gets very, very expensive.

The same goes for everyone. If you go over your bandwidth, you risk paying $50 extra on your next bill.

So, for those of you who are young, and don't know much, and host a server on your computer, think. If you're too young to figure it out on your own, bring it up with someone older, and make sure you are not going to cost any more than you already do.

Now, for the rest.

I could get into hard core algebra here, but no, I won't.

How much you upload, and download, adds up every day, and every byte you transfer over internet connection a month, is added up, then changed to currency that you must pay through some formula.

I can guarantee that most of you children are not even grasping this, but for those smarter, more aged people, watch your bandwidth.

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07/26/2014 9:58 am
Level 45 : Master Demolitionist
RogueLeader_'s Avatar
Very good advice. Not something I thought of much. Glad I saw this, even though my server was really really small!
04/18/2014 11:33 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Engineer
C1hrisin's Avatar
Thank you! nobody really realiseses how much their servers take up, I used to have a server which could have up to 10 players on it at a time (it often did) and I have to change my internet allowance from 80GB which it was originally on to 120GB and then finally gave up and went unlimited. Its crazy how much data servers use. Also I would reccoemnd at least 15MB/s speeds since anything below that and players start compliaining about lag
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