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Level 32 : Artisan Taco
Well folks, here is my first story, enjoy!
Old Life: Chapter 1

A young duckling living on MC he was unique because he was a DUCK not a chicken.
He roamed the waters living off of raw fish in the ocean then one day, he swam in Toxic Waste.
He then grown into a human shape body that was half duck,half human.
He wore a disguise known to the humans as SKINS to make himself look like a human.
He was a very bright duck who always was in his human form unless in the great wilderness of the plains.
At age 15, he met a friend, David, whom was just like him.
They were best friends,they would do everything together.
When he was 16, David was killed by a hunter, he got very mad and sad at David's death, because he was his only friend he had, so he stole the hunter's shotgun,and then shot him in the face.
He slowly aged into his teenager years, where he started to work on building the Great Duck Mansion.
It was finished when he was 17.
When he was 18, he decided we wanted a name,his old friend David always called him Duck, so he added the is to it,and he had his name, Duckis.
The Rise: Chapter 2
When he was 19 he was hired as a astronaut but then stranded in space, Duckis(Human name was Namethatmanxx)
roamed in space, after 5 years,he built a Duck Star.
Then he started to abduct chickens and make a army of them.
And finally, he had abducted 500,001 chickens for his army, but that 1 chicken was special.
Miss Chick.
Then Duckis and Miss Chick got married.

Operation Jaooik: Chapter 3
20 years later...
Duckis was 44, he was very nice and loved to play with his child Duke.
But that one day, when Duckis was eating,he heard a loud CRAAASHHHH, he went to go see what happened.
But what happened you ask?
Well,something terrible,The Geese Empire had crashed into the Duck Star, and started to invade it!
Duckis found Miss Chick and Duke in the vault, staying safe.
Duckis ran up to the goose leader, Edward,and he zapped him with a the Molecule Melt Gun 9001, and Edward let out a terrible shriek, knowing that he has been destroyed into 500 molecules.
Then Duckis turned the great Duck Ray towards The Goose Star, and fired away!
All the geese that ever came to space had died, which was over 15,502 geese dead.
At least he had saved himself and his family from the dangerous geese.

Operation Paiokopoi: Chapter 4
10 Years later
54, Duckis changes his name to Duck. The Duck Star was launched to send ships toward Minecraftia. Duck was going to try to recover David's body.
1 Year later, success came, he recovered David. But the Goose Empire made another assault, killing Duekisil, the Duck Republic ambassador, also killing Jailio, the High Captain.
"We got invaders on deck!" yelled Jared Sokhammar, the X901-Ship commander. Jared was impaled by a Laser Sword, a terrible shriek was heard.
"Dukol, man the bow!" Shouted Jared.
"Aye, Cap'n!" Said Dukol.
Dukol fired a Laser Cannon.
"AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Yelled the new Goose leader, Akijah, as he is impaled by the laser, cutting his body in half at a perfect split in his chest. Akijah then shot Duck to the face.
"A-," Duck fell and a crack was heard as he fell to the floor.
Akijah then imploded Jared with a Reverse Gun, ultimately slaying him. Dukol called Dynasik and Brakilo to take his place.
"Oi, more hostile ships comin' from Minecraftia," said Dynasik before loosing his left eye to a laser.
Akijah sent Naskai, Brozom, Eraki, and Sahkiki to slay Brakilo and Dukol.
"GAHHHHHHHHHHHH-," screamed Naskai, Eraki, Brozom, and Akijah as they fell out of the ship, killing them instantly. with only Sahkiki left.
"Hello fool," said Sahkiki with a quick jab, killing Brakilo.
Sahkiki ran and took a escape pod, the two geese soldiers, Mokujoijuki
and Laak.

"CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-," Mokukoijuki stopped as he was stabbed. Laak ran away in time.

"Hahahahahahah-," Laak died while he was saying that.

Akijah suddenly returned, alive!??! Brozom and Sahkiki as well.

"Attack me-," Akijah died finally. Brozom and Sahkiki were taken prisoner.

Porting Minecraftia: Chapter 5

Gus, a Duck commander, shouted orders.

"We be landin' on this planet, mates!" said Gus.


Moe tapped his fingers against the desk, waiting for the call that they found the Geese HQ.


"Ahah!" shouted Gus.


"E-," Moe was interrupted. "We have them in our sight, mate!" said Gus.

Destruction of Geesetopia: Chapter 6

Garret knew nothing about the Geese HQ besides he worked there.

"FIRE," said an unfamiliar voice in the distance.

Before Garret fled, the HQ exploded...

Pursuit of Odd: Chapter 7

Garret took his friends, Luther, Martin, and Chester with him, the four them walked into the Water Forest, of course they weren't in the Geese Empire, but were prisoners, and humans.


Creepius (Imalittlecreeper) heard footsteps outside his small hut in Water Forest. He always hated when the humans tried to lunge at him. His hut was covered in vines and redstone, reeking of unwashed wooden planks. He stepped out side to confront four humans, which he known not the names of. Quickly running back inside and shutting the door, Creepius locked it with his
mouth, since he had no arms, he was a Creeper, but a one who disapproved

"The Skeletons will get them."


Martin took an arrow to the face by the Skeleton, dying. The four threw TNT at the Skeletons protecting the hut, Chester exploded himself on accident. That was a surprise face I'll never forget. thought Garret. He was having odd thoughts. It was the two of them left, Luther and Garret.

Bold, Old: Chapter 8

Creepius took the back door, when suddenly he saw him, he remembered that duck, years ago, it was Duckis, or Duck.

"Oi!" said Creepius.

"Hey!" said Duck.

Creepius joined the Duck Republic just in time, a battle on the planet Planet Minecraft was raging, as the Geese were assaulting the Eastern side.


"Funny, they be sendin' me out without the cyborg eye," grunted Dynasik, a while ago, he lost his eye.

"Oi, Dynasik, quit yo mumbling and start firing," said Moe.

"Leave em be, Moe," said Gus.


"A-Akijah, sir?" stammered the frightened soldier, Akijah was cyborg, the only patches of his skin were near his left eye, and legs.

"Who do you think I am? Edward!" shouted Akijah, Edward was the 1st Geese Ruler before being melted into 500 molecules.

"U-u-" he was interrupted by Akijah. "SILENCE AND GO ASSASSINATE KNOBLE, YOU FOOL!" shouted Akijah.


Creepius took a shot to his left leg. "Great," he muttered. Dynasik was a blind bat without his eye. "Moe, Dynasik be troublin'."

Back to the Duckstar: Chapter 9
"Duck..." A voice sounded like Dynasik, thought Duck.
"WAKE UP DUCK!" shouted Dynasik
"He's in a coma," said Ari, a healer.
Dynasik was sent back to get his cyborg eye.
"WHAT!" said Duck, he was back!
"Hi?" said Dynasik.
Hiss is Not the Password: Chapter 10
Creepius limped over to the Bow of the Goose Swan.
"Password please," said the machine.
Creepius let out a long hissssssssssssssssssssssssss.
"Hiss is not the passw-" The machine was interrupted when it was imploded by TNT.
"Much better," said Creepius.
Creepius walked inside with a Laser Cannon attached to his chest, searching for anything to shoot or take. When he spotted among the locked room, a key...
Creepius then used the key to try and enter the room where the King Goose lives.
"Ah, I see you have found me, Creeper," said a strange man he heard about, named Akijah.
"Finally here to stop you, once and for all," he replied.
"Not i-" Akijah was then FINALLY killed by a laser blast to his forehead, melting the metal and destroying the brain, Akijah's corpse lay on the ground.
"Ah, but that's where you're wrong," said Creepius.
Back Down: Chapter 11
Luther and Garret then decided to recruit for the Duck Republic, and were sent on a mission to Planet Minecraft.
"Oi, what be you doing here!" Shouted a strange man, Gus? thought Garret.
"Goose Empire be blowin' through their rulers, Edward and Akijah are already dead," said Luther.
"That be right," said Moe.
"What are we yip yappin' about, lets get moving!" Shouted Dynasik.
Arnold, the Geese Battalion Captain, shot Moe in the chest, knocking Moe out and damaging his lungs.
"We needa medic!" Shouted Garret to Ari.
"AHHHHHH" Screamed Gus as he took a laser bolt to the chin, nearly disabling his ability to talk.
"MEDIC!" Shouted Garret again.
"WE GOTTA RETREAT!" yelled Dynasik, Luther, and Garret in unison as Arnold finishes off the rest of the Duck Battalion.
But as soon as a ship arrived, Arnold shot Dynasik in his other eye, Luther in the face, and Garret in the hip.
Garret felt as he was being dragged away...
Confusion With Election: Chapter 12
The geese elected Arnold for his victory. Arnold was happy by this, so he assaulted the Duck Star, the 3rd attack on it!
"Haven't ye noticed that Duck hasn't been around for a while?" Dukol said, being redeployed in the army after suffering a injury.
"Ye," said a ship commander Bronze.
"Wait, here he comes now!" said Dukol.
"Hello," said Duck. "I am back in ship-shape,"
"Where we goin' next?" said Dukol.
"Seen an assault on the rear of the Head of the Duck Star," said Duck.
Sweet Battle: Chapter 13
"Gah!" said Bronze, taking a laser to the neck, making a deep cut in it.
"Take Bronze to the hospital!" said Gus.
"Mate, I can't do that!" Shouted Aki "Dynasik'll have my head if I leave this battle!"
"Who cares bout Dynasik!" shouted Gus.
Dukol and Duck ran to the Front of the ship, called the Head. Dukol was blasted to the face, falling down a flight of stairs and out the Duck Star.
"Dynasik died taking a shot that destroyed his Liver," Shouted Duck.
Creepius ran across the balcony and dueled Arnold, a surprise he didn't die. Arnold stabbed Creepius in his empty eye socket, doing nothing.
"You think you can kill me with that puny Lassssssssssser Sssssword?" Creepius hissed.
"Dukol broke his leg and fell inside the Center, we're loosing air supply!" Said Moe, gasping for air.
"We're gonna crash!" Yelled Gus.
Whole New World: Chapter 14
Dukol, Bronze, and Creepius walk across a ground made up of a strange red rock, Bronze named it Netherrack.
"What is this foul place?" Said Dukol.
"Dunno," said Bronze.
Moe then was set on fire by strange Yellow, Black, and Brown creatures, followed by a giant Beige-like creature.
"Moe is dead," said Dukol.
As they walked across the red rock they stepped on some brown material, slowing them down a lot, Bronze called it Soulsand for their look.
To be written more...

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Added a Chapter, and renamed it.

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(: ¡¡¡ʇᴉ ɟo llɐ sɐʍ ʇɹɐd ǝʇᴉɹoʌɐɟ ʎW
02/23/2014 2:48 pm
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wait HOW
02/23/2014 2:53 pm
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lɐɔıƃɐɐɐɐɐɯ s,ʇı
02/24/2014 2:41 am
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˙ɔıbɐɯ ǝɹnd ˙dnʎ
02/24/2014 6:45 pm
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You posess the maagic (or the website :P )
02/25/2014 2:45 am
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12/14/2013 12:05 am
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Your welcome.
12/14/2013 12:21 am
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Thank you
12/13/2013 8:32 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Archer
This piece is whimsical and odd, with slightly less gore it could be an odd little childrens story book /:)
12/13/2013 8:33 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Taco
The main two Operations when the Geese assaulted the Duck Star is probably the highest the gore might get.
09/08/2013 9:02 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Dragonborn
Good writing :)
09/02/2013 1:50 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Engineer
Very interesting. I feel like the plot of the story has great potential for expansion! I wonder if you could add more information for us readers to understand more. When I was reading I noticed that it jumped from this duck roaming around to 5 years later. Some grammatical issues. But besides that, Very.....Interesting!
09/02/2013 1:49 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Taco
Dumped some commas and more words C:
08/31/2013 6:26 pm
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not bad. should try my story comp (http://www.planetminecraft.com/forums/seivelath-story-league-extravaganza-apply-now-t301594.html) Yes, this is shameless advertising, so I'll give you a shiny blue rock.
08/31/2013 5:16 pm
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that was beautiful XD
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