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Enashi - Blockbench model

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Pixus's Avatar Pixus
Level 32 : Artisan Fox
I actually decided to try my hand at designing another character completely by myself, and I think that I did a pretty good job... even though, like with Kit, this is more of a heavy edit of the Alex skin from Minecraft that I added onto (maybe a bit too much since her model is around 80 cubes in total).
I based her mostly off of an old OC I bought from someone years ago, the Foxhound mobs from the Quark mod for Minecraft, the Nether and Soul Sand Valley biome from vanilla Minecraft, alongside some loose inspiration from Entei in Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal (and more specifically its Spaceworld 1997 prototype design, En), WolfWrath from the Kirby anime (Hoshi no Kābī/Kirby: Right Back at Ya!) and a Fakemon.
I was going to go for a more traditional, red pallet, although I ended up coming up with a blue one, which I chose over the former for a few reasons:
• I wanted to theme it after soul fire,
• I thought that going for more cool colors would be a nice change compared to normal Foxhounds and the literal hellscape that is the Nether wastes,
• I thinking about the PokéFarm Q exclusive Pokémon (Fakemon) Kinaster,incidentally a Dark/Fire type (I used to play that game a lot years ago
before getting tired of it, mostly only playing because of how much I
ove Kinaster, but that's not the point),
• One of my ideas for her was that she could solidify into pure diamond, like the final Your Sanctuary boss in Earthbound, Carbon Dog, turning into the Diamond Dog once enough damage has been dealt to it, but I'm not sure about that (and I can't make myself work on another skin for them at the moment),
• And others seemed to like the blue variant more than the red one when I shown them to it.
There are probably some other reasons but I'm blanking on them right now.

As the name suggests, this is Enashi, a combination of the Japanese words "en" (fire) and "tamashī" (soul). I haven't really decided too much about her yet, such as if she's going to be a Minecraft-sona or just a regular OC, but I'll see what I can think about for them.

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06/11/2023 4:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4628761G's Avatar
how do i download?
06/13/2023 7:43 am
Level 32 : Artisan Fox
Pixus's Avatar
Thanks for commenting and your interest, but I'd rather keep her private for myself.
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