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Nokemon models

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So here's another update for me to show that yes, I still am making models. I'm probably going to start a "series" of models, or at least just wanted to post this specific one. Depending on any feedback I'll get, I'll probably finish this one up since right now only the model and base colors are there, still needing to be shaded to look more professional, and potentially work on some other ones. (I also went ahead and added a watermark on it, mostly since I'm a bit worried about others taking my models (especially on Instagram), but that's beside the point.)

What are Nokemon, you may ask? Admittedly I thought the same too when a friend of mine mentioned it a few months ago, but it's an AI that was trained on Pokemon models (kinda - more like the images of the models) of Pokémon and creates a Pokemon-esque design with them. There are a few problems, mainly duplicated Nokemon (something that an update semi rectified since you can now generate unique ones, but it causes more strain on the AI since you're directly communicating with it rather than it grabbing a random Nokemon), but other than that, I think it's a very nifty tool to use, and shows that technology is indeed incredible.

Without further ado, onto the list -er, only one I've got right now:

Nokemon models
I got this during my first few generated batches, and this design particularly stuck out for me. I don't really have a name for it or much (granted, someone suggested Doubtevour so I might use that) but I thought I could probably use it as practice for modeling while also adding my own spin on it.

Feedback on it would be greatly appreciated. (And yeah, I am aware that it doesn't really fit in with Minecraft's blocky style well since it uses more cubes than its models do, but I guess that's probably just my style.)


Use the AI for yourself: https://nokemon.eloie.tech/
Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak and the Pokémon Company; the Nokemon AI generator is made by Liam,and while the Nokemon itself doesn't belong to me, this take on it does. (At least, I'm pretty sure that Liam said that if you did your take on it, you were free to use it as you wish.)
CreditLiam for the Nokemon AI generator

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