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Everything you need to know about : Creepers

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The Creeper is one of the most horrifying creatures in Minecraft.

His ability to sneak up on you and explode make him a lethal killer

Here are some things you need to know about the creeper


HP:20 (10 Hearts)

Max damage: Easy: 11

Normal: 20

Hard: 21

Other things you need to know about the creeper:
  • He drops 0-2 sulpher ( he can also drop a Creeper Mask)
  • If he explodes in water he won't destroy any blocks
  • An explosion breaks fragile blocks(glass) more easily than hard blocks(stone)
  • He drops a music plate when a skeleton kills it
  • Creepers will not burn in the sun
  • Creepers can explode when they are 1 block from you away or even a fence or halfstep
  • Creepers cannot see through glass
  • The damage of a creeper depends on the distance. Closer > far away
  • If a creeper is close to lightning he becomes ''charged'' making his explosions do more damage but also when he gots hit by lightning he got damage

Fighting a Creeper :
  • Ranged: You can safely kill a creeper with a bow using 5 arrows.
  • Melee: You can also kill a Creeper with a sword.

Step 1: Run into creeper

Step 2 : Hit it

Step 3: Take safe distance till he is done sissing

Just repeat these steps until he is dead

Creeper masks can be placed or wore as a helmet


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