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Extra Achievements (Challenges To Boost Survival!)

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avatar Staazz_
Level 22 : Expert Architect
Here are some achivement ideas for a new, or old minecraft world. These should add a twist to the game, and I hope you enjoy :D


Fancy Treats: Get 1 cake and 1 pumpkin pie
Eggs, Eggs, and Eggs!: Obtain 16 chicken eggs
Frosty: Build 3 snow man (snow golems)

Hay Bro!: Throw a hay bale at a horse
Guide: Right a book and quill guide for a crafting recipe to refrence later.
Perrty Colors: Craft 1 cyan, magenta, and pink wool
Sick Beat!: Obtain a music disk
Don't Starve: Obtain 16 of any food item
Brussel Sprouts: Eat 3 spider eyes and 3 rotten flesh


Spawn Away: Make a mob farm

Midas Touch: Get 2 gold blocks, and 2 gold carrots
Village: Find a village and trade with a villager
Fortess or bust!: Find a neather fortress
Mighty Axe: Put sharp 1+ on a wood axe and name it "mighty axe"
Go Green: Obtain 32 seeds. then plant them
Half And Half: Obtain 4 types of slabs
Shh, Secret!: Make a secret base using restone
Nameless: Name a chicken "Nameless"


Ender Exp!: Make an enderman farm
Guards: KIll 3 boss guardians
Wheat Thins: Obtain 256 wheat
Bewitched: Transform a witch into a villager
C, Lanterns!: Obtain 10 Sea Lanterns
Shine Bright: Make a color changeing beacon using redstone
Sharp 5: Make a sharpness 5 diamond sword
CookieX: Make a cookie factory and make over 1000 cookies
Super Man: Obtain a super charged creeper and name it "Super Man"
Meow: Obtain 10 tamed cats
Woof: Obtain 20 tamed dogs

Statue: Make a giant statue of yourself
Bake Off: Obtain 500 cakes
Factions: Obtain Full Prot 4 Unbreaking 3 Diamond Armour
Wither Master: Spawn 5 withers at once and kill them all

07/12/2017 8:14 am
Level 1 : New Miner
you cannot make a witch into a villager, that only works the other way around
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