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UHC: A Starters Guide

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*Plese note this blog is not about reddit or Twit UHCs. To see more about that, go to www.reddit.com/r/ultrahardcore or https://twitter.com/twittuhc
What Is UHC?

UHC satnds for Ultra Hardcore, and is a gamemode in minecraft. The catch with Ultra Hardcore is that there is NO NATURAL REGENERATION. UHC servers host pvp games with this rule intact. These UHC games usally consist of 2 simple stages:

Stage 1: Gathering Resources
Depending on the server you play on, the gathering resouces part of UHC can range from 15 minites to 2 Hours. You and other players (rangeing usally from 5 all the way up to 300) will gather resourses in a space usally fitting the amout of players in the game. Some people in the game are killed at this stage via mobs, fall damage, and other players. Yes, PVP is enabled during this stage so it is possible to hunt for other players while they gather up there gold and diamonds. You have to be careful though, because any damage you take will not be naturaly regenerated back. So be careful when you fight. During this time the goal is to get armour, diamonds, gold, bows, and other things that could help you in pvp. The gatering resources time is a good way to get things that can regen your hearts back up if you happen to lose any. The following things that give you regen in a uhc game is:
- Golden Apple (8 gold surrounded by a apple) 2 Hearts Regen
- Golden Head (8 gold surrounded by a player head, that is dropped when ever someone dies or gets killed) 4 Hearts Regen
- Healing Potion (In order in brewing stand: Neather wart, Glistering melon) Varies
- Regen Potion (In order in brewing stand: Neather wart, Ghast tear) Varies
Stage 2: Deathmatch
After the gathering resources stage is over, players teleport to a small area (once again rangeing on each server, but the average is a 50x50 area). After a few seconds, pvp is enabled and every player left fights till the last man standing. LMS is the victor.

What are some UHC servers I can play

These are some of the servers that have UHC in them. Note that some of theres servers have a UHC diffrent to the core 2 stages shown above.

Server 1: Eximius Gaming    IP: uhc.eximiusgaming.com  Players Per Game: 30  Map Size: 1000x1000 (Does not shrink)
Eximius Gamings's UHC offers the 2 main stages above. The games on Eximius are 60, 90, or 120 minites long. Each game also has a deathmatch that is a max of 8 minites.
Whats good about Eximius: 
Eximius offers a almost completly vanilla experince, and is running almost bug free in my opinion.
What Eximius Lacks:
The server has a issue with getting people in games. The normal wait time I was waiting for a game could be over 20 minites. A donator rank on this server allows you to join full servers though.

Server 2: Mineplex  IP: us.mineplex.com/ eu.minplex.com  Players Per Game: 120 Map Size: 1000x1000 (Does shrink)
Mineplex is known for its other minigames, but has a unique UHC gamemode thats hard to forget. The catch with mineplex's  team of 2 UHC's are that after 10 minites, PVP is turned on. With 120 players in a 1000x1000 area, things are bound to get hectic, as most players get jumped very early in the game.
Whats good about Mineplex: 
Mineplex offers a unique UHC experince by forceing you to get good gear very early in game. Its a big challenge to win.
What Mineplex Lacks:
Mineplex's UHC's tend to have a lot of bugs, rangeing from unbalenced teams to exploting glitches to win when your not even in the game. Also, there is at least 1 skybaser every game thats probably gonna knock you off there tower with snowballs, so be ready for that :).

Server 3: UHC Zone  IP: us/au.uhc.zone Players Per Game: 8-20 Map Size: 200x200 (Does not shrink)
UHC Zone offers a complte diffrent approch to other servers with UHC called Speed UHC. The diffrence with speed UHC is:
-Only 15 minites of stage 1
- Trees cut instanly with axe, food is pre cooked, no fall damage
- Veryyyy fast paced
UHC zone is definity a better option for players who don't want to invest hours into 1 game of uhc.
Whats good about UHC Zone:
Great staff, fun intence games, and a unique UHC experince never seen before.
What UHC Zone lacks:
UHC Zone has, in my opinion, a way to OP game for donators. Donators can get 6 diffrent kits that make a huge diffrence in the UHC game, and thats not waht its about.

How can I make a world with Ultra hardcore mode?
The answer to this is simple. Make sure you have cheats ENABLED, and type in the following command to make your world UHC sytle:
/gamerule naturalregeneration false

To set a world border (1.8.x), type in this command

/worldborder (x) (z)

UHC is a great server game to play with freinds because its very competitive and statigie based.

Any tips on how to win?
Of corse xD Here ya goes:
- Never EVER dig straight down, lava sucks
- If you don't have to, don't engage any mob, damage sucks
- Make sure to get 1-3 apples before caveing to make gapples (golden apples), gapples rock
- Also, gather A LOT of food while your at it, hunger sucks
- In games 60 minites or more, go for enchants. You will have to find 1 leather and 3 sugarcane on the surface to make a book, enchanting rocks
- Don't fight another player in phase 1 unless you are possitive you can take them, then by all means
- PRESS TAB! Tab displayes the health of every player in the game, and that is so important to know others health.
- Don't brag, its just gonna make you lose.
- If you can, find someone experinced to team with (heheh me)
- Watch your step on mountains or other hazerdes landscape so you don't fall in a ravine
- Try not to chat as much, you need all the time you get.

This has been my UHC for starters guide, i hope you enjoy, and I'll c you in the games!


- Drop a diamond or a fav if you want to see more :D

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01/17/2016 4:48 pm
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TY! I think this really helped my nooby friend (At minecraaft of course) for playig UHC on the UHC Zone! It was too complicated to explain it myself so I just read this off to her C:

Ty again,
12/02/2014 8:33 pm
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Well you want to know 24/7 UHC usally 1-5 min. wait and has grouped UHC and "Every man for themself" UHC it's CALLED: Arkam Network: http://www.arkhamnetwork.org/home ♥ I'm happy to share :^)
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