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Faction PvP Tips and tricks on Everything

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Level 47 : Master Elf
So, admin4cc here, and Io ve been recently playing on faction server, and thought I would give a go at making a tutorial. So without more to say, leto s jump into this.

Picking a Server:

One of the most important things when you are planning to play on a Faction server is finding the right one. There are SOOO many servers to choose from, but not all of them are going to be right for you. Here is a list of important thing the server should have:
1. The server should have around 25-60 players on 24/7.
2. You will want the server to allow you to use the /sethome and /home commands, as they are very useful.
3. The server should have a good sized shop.
4. Make sure the moderators and administrators on the server do their job, and are not abusive of their power.
5. Check the Donations board (If there is one) to see what donators get.
6. You must be able to make your own faction, and not need to join someone elseo s faction.
7. Ask around and find out if the server has a world boarder. I would suggest you do not play on a server that has a boarder of 10,000 or less.
8. The server you are looking at MUST allow you to use the /tpa and /tpahere commands.

Making a Base:

Once you have found a good server, and have made a faction. Go off into the wilderness. If you want your base to be safe, go out around 10,000 blocks from spawn at the minimum. This will help keep explores from finding you base. Once gone about that far, start looking for a good location for your base. Some good location can be in a NPC Village, on a tall mountain, underwater, or underground. Once you have found a location, start building you base. A good base will only take up around 4 faction land. Try to keep your base small so that you will have power that isno t being used on your base. The walls of your base can be made out of any material, but obsidian is what you should aim for building it out of. Before you construct your base, think ahead about how much storage you could need. (Note, for above ground bases that do not have obsidian walls, it is highly recommended that you put water walls in front of you walls.

Some Things Not To Do:

1. Never let anyone Teleport to your base.
2. Do NOT give people you base coordinates


You must be very careful when you recruit for you faction. Generally, what I do is ask a few people I know in real life, (And know are trustworthy) to join my faction. Lots of factions get raided because the owner allows someone into the faction who takes all the stuff.

Getting Loot:

There are many ways of getting loot on faction servers. You can mine it, get it from PvP, raid it from others, or just plain find it on the ground. You generally get the most loot from raiding, but it can also be the hardest. Finding it on the ground is very lucky, but very rare. PvP can be an easy way of getting loot, if you are good at it. Mining for loot is the easiest, but the most boring. So, say we are trying to get loot from PvP, you have a few options. One is to go to an arena. People at the arena are wanting to fight, meaning most likely they will have their best weapon and armor. Wandering around spawn can give you lots of people to fight. They will usually have the starter stuff. The best way I have found is to send a tp request to a person you know isno t too powerful. Tp to the person you want to attack with a bit of food, no armor, a pick and a stone sword. Have a person in your faction with good armor and a good sword ready to tp to you. When the person you are attacking accepts your tp request try to get them to chase you and accept your buddieso tp request. Beat the player you attacked and collect the loot.


Raiding can be very risky, and can also get you a MASSIVE amount of loot. There are a few ways to find bases to raid, but the one I use is:
Step 1. Start by type /f list which will bring up a list of all the factions, showing important stats about them.
Step 2. Find a faction that has more land than power.
Step 3. Find out if any members of the faction are on.
Step 4. If yes, send a tp request to one member that is on in the faction.

Step 5. Once the player accepts, quickly set your home in his land if possible.
Step 6. After that, make sure you are in his base, and claim the land. Kill the enemy until you can claim all their land.
Stop 7. Loot what you want, making multiple trips but teleporting back and forth from you faction home to you have.

Traps and Helpful buildings/tools:

When playing on a faction server, most anything is legal. So I recently came up with a Tp trap.
What you will need: A few picks, some ladder, 3 slabs, 7 trapdoor, 1 bucket of water, A few torches.

Start by going out in the wilderness (NOT anywhere near you base) and digging a hole about 15-20 blocks deep and add a ladder to it.

Then dig a 3x3x3 room.

Opposite of the ladder, dig a 3 block deep hole, filling it with water.

After that, did a start case 4 blocks down, then 1 block to the left.

Next, hollow about a fairly large room

Add stairs to both sides.

Add slabs and trapdoors, this allows you to hit the enemy but does not let them hit you.

Finally put a trapdoor on top of the water.

Claim the land the trap is in.

To use this, stand over the water and send a /tpahere request to people on the server. Once they accept and are in the water, quickly close the trapdoor on top. Run down the starts and whack the enemy to death, or let them drown in the water. Retrieve the items and repeat.

Another useful devise is a tnt cannon, which can also be made into a sand cannon/tnt cannon mix.

Extra Base Defense:

Extra base defenses can be stuff like piston traps or dispensers on the walls, but water walls are the best. To build a water wall:

Start by making a wall.

Next, add an over hang.

Then dig a 1 block deep ditch.

Then add water.

Thanks for Reading!


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04/29/2016 12:36 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Wolfclaw49's Avatar
Thanks for the help!
04/24/2014 3:55 pm
Level 47 : Master Pyro
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Thanks for this blog!
08/22/2013 6:43 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Electrician
SteamCorps's Avatar
Instead of typing what you should do, you should just make a video on all of the things you said.
It would help people much better and might get this post much more popular
08/22/2013 6:57 pm
Level 47 : Master Elf
admin4cc's Avatar
Ok, Thanks, I might just do that.
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