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Factions: the Perfect Faction [Attacking]

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Didn't you read Defending? Read it here http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/factions-the-perfect-faction/

Well, Let's start with Part 2 of my Blog, named Attacking.

When you're on a Faction server, a main thing is to attack. You attack for goods, like chest, destroying castle and the fun you have with your mates.

Attacking looks very simple, but it isn't. Diamond Armor is very hard to destroy and their castles are undestroyable.
What to do?


Well, when your clan is going to attack, call first all your Factionmates in your clanchat. Use CAPS, so they can't miss it.
After this, go to your Allychat and call your Allies. Mostly, they want to help you.

If you start a war, you'll need first Armor. Leather armor is useless.. Very weak, also Gold.
Iron and Chain Armor are good if you fight against Players without Armor or also Chain/Iron Armor. It is very weak against somebody with Diamond Armor and a Diamond Sword.

If possible, use Diamond Armor. Very hard to beat you with Iron Sword, so they need Diamond Swords.

Second, take some Potions with you. Like Harming [When you throw it the enemy got 3 hearts damaga] Swiftness [Faster running, if you need to run] Regenaration/Golden Apple [Restores Health] Potion of Instant Health [Restores 3 Hearts] and Potion of Strenght [Makes you stronger]

Their Castle

When you attack a clan with a Castle, first walk around it. You can spot for open holen, entrances and more.
If there is one entrance, go to this one.

Entering the Castle

The first thing you also have to try to enter a castle is with lag. When there is lag and the wall isn't very high, place blocks like 1x1 and jump. Repeat this one minute. Sometimes due of the lag you build a tower and you reach the top.

Second, if the first one didn't work, throw a Ender Pearl. NOT FROM THE GROUND. Because you didn't know exactly where it lands, so build a 1x1 tower and throw it to the position you want. [Picture 1]

If you don't have Ender Pearls, use my favorite thing ;;PADUMTSS: The TNT Cannon. Make a TNT Cannon and blow their walls [Picture 2]. If they've got Obisidian in the wall [See Defending Blog] they have to come out.

Try to attract them by standing in front of their gate, but WATCH OUT. Stand 10 blocks away from their gate.
I think 90% of all Factions got a trap in front of the gate.

You stand there, they use a lever, a Sticky Piston pulls the ground away and you fall to your dead.. Ouch..
They can easily go down from inside and pick your stuff.. Very easy.


Before attacking, check your enchants. Before fighting a good enemy, use Protection on all of your Armor, at least Protection 4. You can handle at least 3 enemies with Diamond swords.

With your swords, try to get high Sharpness and Fire Aspect. Fire Aspect lits the enemy on fire and Sharpness deals more damage. Knockback.. yeah that's ur choice. I don't like it because if you're chasing someone, you boost him.

If you shoot arrows, Flame and Power. Power increases damage and Flame lit the enemy on fire when hit.

Work Toghether

Don't be a hero and try to kill 3 people yourself. Look after your mates if they're not in trouble. If they are, help them.
If somebody get killed from you, try to kill that people who killed him to retrieve his items.

Well, this was my attacking blog. Hope you enjoyed it.
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