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Purevega avatar Purevega
Level 47 : Master Gent
Why a guide?

-- I own a Hardcore Faction PvP server, and I see a lot of issues regarding to peoples knowledge of this plugin. I'm here to show all of you what it takes to make a successful Faction, and some tips and tricks to get power.

Factions, what is it?

-- Factions is a Bukkit plugin in which adds a Team Base concept to the game. With Factions, you can go to War with an Enemy, build epic bases (more information on bases below), and work together to become powerful.

-- You can think of factions as 'Clans' you might say. Its a group of people who work together in PvP, and Survival. Whether it is fighting an enemy, or gather materials for a base.


Step 1. -- Think of a name.

-- The name of your faction needs to be creative. If you have a creative name, it will appeal to more players to join your Faction. You can also use Acronyms in your name in case your name is too long.

-- Think of Movies, TV Shows, Personal Interests, etc...

-Tip: Use a capitol letter at the beginning of your Faction name, it looks more professional.

-Example: Highlanders, Elves, Treks.

-NON-Examples: butterfly, swordpeople (These make you look weak.)

Step 2. -- Make your Faction.

-- Some servers may require you to pay in-game cash to make a Faction.

- For Example, on my server we require people to pay $175 in-game cash to create a Faction. This prevents the small Factions that are made by new players. (Not all servers will have it that expensive.)

-- To make your Faction, type in the command >> /f create .

Congrats! You made your own faction!

Step 3. -- Inviting People.

-- A Faction is NOTHING without friends and other people. The more people in your Faction, the more power you have. I HIGHLY recommend only inviting/adding people who you know and trust. There have been a lot of cases where Faction members turn on their Leader.

-- To invite someone to your Faction, do the following command >> /f invite

-- The amount of people in your Faction, increases your max power. Your Max Power increases by 10 every time a new member joins.

Step 4. -- Faction Rules

-- Make Faction rules that keep the Faction as clean as possible without any complications. Rules are KEY to making a professional and great Faction.

EX: Rule 1. No spamming Faction chat or World chat., Rule 2. Only allow Faction Members in the base.....etc.

Step 5. -- Finding a Base.

-- If the Server has a specific world for Factions, or a specific spawn, MOVE FAR OUT FROM THE SPAWN! If you build your base right next to the spawn, you will be killed repeatedly and Raided/Griefed if it is allowed n the server!

-- I highly recommend traveling a minimum of 2,000 blocks from spawn. This gives you more Protection from other players.

-- Seriously, do not make a huge Faction Town or Castle. This makes you insanely vulnerable to Raiders/Griefers and Enemies. Although, making either or is very fun and your creativity is pushed to the max, how would you feel if someone blew that place up with TNT?

-- BUILD YOUR BASE UNDERGROUND. This is my most recommended Step for find a base.. Building underground gives you the most protection to you, your members, and your items. Underground bases cannot be seen from the surface (duh). Imagine that your city was once above ground, the landscape is torn and your are completely visible. Now imagine it underground without touching anything on the surface. You are now invisible to anyone on the surface.

Step 6. -- Claiming Land.

-- Claiming Land is one of the most important parts of a Faction. It protects everything within it, no one can open your chests/doors when they are in your land.

-- Note: Some servers may edit the configuration file to where other Factions can break things in your land. BE CAREFUL.

-- The amount of land you can claim depends on how much power you have (Information Below). The more power you have, the more land you can claim, the less power you have the less you can claim.

-- Note: Some servers may toggle the Faction Economy in the configuration file, this causes you to use money to claim land. Claiming is still based on your power with Faction Economy on.

-- To claim land, do the following commands >> /f claim or /f autoclaim

-- /f claim only allows you to claim the land you are standing in.

-- /f autoclaim allows you to claim land as you walk around.

-- How to unclaim land >> /f unclaim or /f unclaim all

-- /f unclaim will only unclaim the land you are standing in.

-- /f unclaimall will unclaim all the claimed land you own.


-- Power determines the following: Overall Server Ranking, and Land Ownership. Your Server Ranking makes you look powerful and desirable. Your Land protects everything you have made and earned.

Step 1. How to get Power.

-- Power is gained through killing rival Factions. The more people you kill, the more power you earn.

-- Your power cannot exceed your Max Power.

-- For Example: Say you have 7 trustworthy members in your faction, your Max Power is 70. If you kill enough people to get your Power to 70, it will not increase anymore.

Step 2. What to do with Power.

-- It's simple, all you do is claim more land. (Please refer to Step 5 on Claiming Land). Otherwise, there is really nothing left to do with all your Power.

Step 3. Loosing Power.

-- Power is lost by being killed in Faction Wars. The more you die, the lower your power. The lower your power, the least amount of land you have.

Faction PvP

-- This plugin was made for PvP. It is literally the overall base of the Plugin, working together and killing enemies. PvP either helps you gain or loose your power.

-- Obviously, you want good Armor and Weapons and ORGANIZATION is key when it comes to fighting. I'm not saying build a whole strategic defense system and line your members up in a row and attack.. You want to be stealthy and effective.

Step 1. Assign Classes.

-- If you assign classes to your Members, the more organized you will be when it comes to War. Classes could include the following:
  • Archer
  • Fighter
  • Healer

Archer -- Distance is key for archery. These guys should stay far back behind the fighters and Aid them in narrowing down enemies with a Bow and Arrow.

-- Equipment: Any Armor with Protection 1 - 4. An Enchant Bow with Knockback (highly recommended), Power, Fire Arrow, or Infinity. Don't forget your Arrows! Stock up well on those arrows if you don't have Infinity I. Iron or Diamond Sword is recommended for close combat.

Fighter -- The close-range fighters in which wield damaging swords and wear godly armor. These guys are used to deal tons of Damage.

-- Equipment: Diamond Armor with High Enchantments (Protections, Thorns, etc...). Diamond sword with Sharpness, knockback, and Fire enchantments if possible. Harming/Poison Splash Potions (Be careful not to hit your Teammates!). High Healing food such as Cooked Pork/Beef or Golden Apples.

Healer: -- These players will go around the battlefield healing their Faction Members and aid in Battle.

-- Equipment: -- Any type of Armor with Protection enchantments. Iron or Diamond sword (Enchantments are optional). Splash Healing Potions, you need a lot of these (5-10 of these).

Step 2. -- Ambushing

-- You will need to do some research before you attack. Find out where their base is, how to get in, and what biome.

-- Next, once you found their base, make a temporary base 200-300 blocks away from theirs. Make a couple chests here with items that you will need, MAKE THIS UNDERGROUND.

-- Plan how you are going to attack. Enter through stealthy, make a TNT cannon, however you want to approach your enemies.

Other PVP information:

-- TNT is always a good method during PvP. Equip a Flint and Steel and a couple TNT, place the TNT and right click it with your Flint and Steel then run away.

-- Lava Buckets are always good for close range, place it on the ground close to enemies.


-- Alliances are VERY important in Factions. These are the people that you will go to for more help regarding to Wars, or resources.

-- To make good Alliances, look for the strong and powerful.

-- You guys don't have to have bases right next to each other, but have an outpost close to each other's base in order to have easy access in case either is invaded or attacked.

-- Think of Allies as a very close friend. This friend will have your backs and share things if wanted.


-- In some servers, there are places called 'Warzones'. These places are the center of war between Factions. If the server Owners set the configurations just right, you will be able to hurt your own teammates.

-- Avoid this by knowing who is on your team, and what the landscape is like.

-- For a complete Faction PvP guide, please refer to the previous section 'Faction PvP'.

-- Wars usually start with disagreements, raids, and griefing. Or basically anything that will make someone mad.

-- War is most dangerous at night. Mobs will easily take part in the War and may make the war 1v1v1. Try and encourage your war to be taken party during the Day.

Faction Organization

Step 1. -- Government?

-- Faction Government is an easy way to organize your members

EX. -- Democracy, Anarchy

-- If you pick the path of Government, you will have 1 head member. They could be called the President, or King/Queen.

-- Next you will have your Faction Moderators, which are a step under the Faction Leader. You can name these persons as Vice-President, or Prince/Princess.


Step 2. -- Faction Members, What will they be?

-- Your members can be named anything you like, just keep it appropriate. It will help you keep track of your members.

-- You could organize your members based on skill, you could title them as: Miner, Woodsmen, Cook, etc...

--- To give a title to someone do the command >> /f title

-- Military Organization could be possible. You could name your members as: Cadet, Soldier, etc...


Step 3. -- Storage Organization.

-- Storage organization can be really important within the world of Factions. This can help you determine how much supplies you have and what more you need.

-- Make a room/building in your Faction Base suitable for a storage room. This space will need to be big enough to hold a lot of chests.

-- MAKE ALL DOUBLE CHESTS!! You will thank me later when you start getting stacks of items..

-- Organize all items according to type.

-- Ex: PvP, Resources, Brewing, Building, etc...

-- [Optional] Make a separate area containing 2-5 double chests for strictly RAIDING materials.

-- Later just organize all of this in your free time.

NOTE: If your server is using LWC (Protection Plugin) lock your chests by doing the command >> /lock


Note: I can't seem to upload any photos. Sorry for the inconvenience.
CreditMakers of Factions

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12/07/2017 3:47 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Blacksmith
SpacedAtari avatar
This guide is great! Maybe making a remake of this for; um. Maybe you could start off assuming the people know nothing and could you make it for Cosmic Factions? Thats the factions I use yet im so confused on it. Everything is destroyed and Im just lost.
11/20/2016 6:17 pm
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Jqeger avatar
best Faction guide i've seen on the internet.. u_u you can have ALL my diamonds! XD
03/29/2016 1:11 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Nchuk avatar
Thanks for the tip!, reaaly didnt know how to play factions but now i do thanks <3
05/21/2016 7:37 pm
Level 47 : Master Gent
Purevega avatar
Thanks for the positive feedback. I can't believe people are still using this guide! I've been inactive for awhile but with a new server I'm creating along with a friend--i'm becoming active again!
08/30/2015 10:37 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Engineer
DumCheese27 avatar
Very nice guide, I run a faction on a bending server.
06/07/2015 1:31 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Explorer
Gamergirl5400 avatar
Dang, This is an awesome guide thanks for all the info bro!
06/16/2015 7:35 pm
Level 47 : Master Gent
Purevega avatar
No problem! This is quite an old guide and I might touch it up a little bit on the commands and such.
06/25/2015 2:02 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Explorer
Gamergirl5400 avatar
I'll be sure to read it then
08/25/2014 6:09 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Explorer
archlordvg avatar
Cool guide!
04/10/2014 11:59 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Crafter
PZAguilos_10 avatar
Thanks for all the info! I hope it will help me progress in my own faction!
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