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    Greetings and welcome to my profile,

    If you notice that your skin request is taking a while to be fulfilled then that means that I may not yet be done with other projects currently being worked on. As soon as I finish those projects, I'll be sure to fulfill your request. There are times where I may take long while doing a skin request when that happens, expect something good.

    "Great things take time."
    -John Wooden

    You can use any of my skins for ideas.
    However, if you want to edit one and post it on your profile please credit me in the description. So that the viewers know the original skin was made by me but with some tweaks/style of your choice.

    Thank you to all my subscribers and people that maybe aren't subscribed but have supported a lot of my skins and if not all of them. I really appreciate it. If it weren't for your support I wouldn't be who I am today in this site so from the deepest parts of my heart, a big thank you to each and every single one of you who has shown support on my skins!

    -Still experimenting with profile/widgets stuff so this may have more updates later on


    -Requests are open.

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      September 11, 2021, 12:31 pm to Public
      Greetings to everyone,

      I apologize to all those people who have made requests and months or even a year has passed and I haven't realized them. I recently started in college and I sincerely haven't had the chance to slowly make those requests come to life yet, so please excuse me for that.

      I will try my best to carry out every request I have pending on every chance I get to do so.
      Please be patient if I don't do it fast, the more time I spend on a skin, the higher the chance it will have of being of good quality. I am not the best skinner but I do try to make every skin I make the greatest of it's kind.

      -Best Regards and be safe,
      Jqeger replied to sebastiankream's comment below 2021-09-22 17:38:37
      Jqeger's Avatar
      Thank you, you too have a great day as well! =D
      Edit: And thank you inmensely as well and everyone else for the support on my skins!!
      sebastiankream said 2021-09-18 21:46:27
      sebastiankream's Avatar
      Don't worry dude, it's ok, you have things to do more important, and that's ok, nevertheless you keep doing skins and it's amazing, i send you lucky for your personal projects and have a great day
      Jqeger replied to toukaa's comment below 2021-09-11 21:17:47
      Jqeger's Avatar
      Thank you Sasha! =D (I'd reply back with how you did with the yellow emoji but I don't know how to make those LOL, sorry!)
      So far, college is going well, definitely not easy but I've been managing it and getting used to it little by little xD
      toukaa said 2021-09-11 12:49:14
      toukaa's Avatar
      don't worry eren 😌 i'm sure your jaegerists would wait for requests >:D and i hope college is going well! :D
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