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Level 56 : Grandmaster Cyborg
Cautiously, my eyes shift over the eerie autumn haze. As the charcoal clouds hang low in the sky, a notion of sorrow looms in the humid evening air. The pitter of rain dances over my head; droplets of water are needles - piercing my wounded flesh as they fall.

Lost spirits seem to rise above the mist, out of the sooty husks of fallen trees, haunting the dystopia that was once my home.
I am merely a shadow, a blackened figure seeping into the earth beneath me.
I try to stand but my limbs are weak and my bones feel like iron under my skin. My knees collapse under my own weight and my aching body sinks, once again, into the soil.
My mind begins to sprint, and as I recollect the fallacious memory, in the space of a nanosecond, I forget how to breathe.

My ears prick as I hear the muffled crunch of leaves underfoot. Something is coming, I can feel it. A sudden feeling of brave curiosity immerses me, driving me to plant one paw after the other in the direction of this unnerving sound.
The noise is louder now. This thing, whatever it is- is gaining speed. Hastily, I begin to accelerate, propelling myself over chasms and ravines, in the direction of the commotion.
I am enveloped in a natural instinct to confront this danger as I begin to tear through the forest - I am a dart, an arrow, a bullet. I feel the adrenaline course through me as my feet strike the ground, blood palpating in my veins.

'What will I find when I get there?' I wonder, as I hurl myself through the trees.

Then, silence. I dig my claws into the earth, almost losing my balance with the sudden force of halting. I listen with careful intent, but there is nothing to hear.
Patiently, I wait.

Behind me, something hesitantly exhales, and I turn on my hind-paws.
My vision darts immediately towards the outlandish entity I see before me. The creature’s tall stature is almost foreign, I have never seen something quite like this before.
It’s eyes meet mine, and an undeniable sense of utmost agitation is shared between us.
A strong element of unwitting, oblivious idiocy immobilises each one of us for one single moment.
In a second, it begins to scamper, quite unnaturally, away from me.
In it’s flurry of panic, something it was grasping descends to the ground beside me.
Carefully, I nose at the object, inhaling its scent. A distinct stench of smouldering fumes emanate from it.
Nauseated, I reverse a few paces, only to register an unforeseen spark erupting into a flash of orange.
In my trepidation, I am bound to the dust under my feet.

The flame is a predator, hurtling carelessly through the forest, inhaling the brittle, dry leaves as it speeds with an impelling force. I almost feel the turf beneath me convulse as those heavy paws smite the dirt- a thick cloud of dust dispersing behind.

I watch, helpless, as embers swallow each blade of grass, leaving only the frame of what once was a wooded city. I feel an overwhelming instinct to run like a bat out of hell, but I am paralysed as the inferno engulfs the world around me. The firestorm writhes closer to me and suddenly the heat begins to unfold on my skin. Flickers graze the hairs on my body, and as the sweltering blaze swarms over me, my knees give in.

I cry out in tormented fury as layers of my skin begin to deteriorate, and my nose twinges as the smell of burning flesh fills the air.

for this story, i decided to take the perspective of a coyote in the midst of a forest fire. they encounter a human, however, it has never seen one before - and therefore describes them in an unworldly way. the human is walking in the forest, smoking a cigarette, when they hear a rustling in the leaves (the coyote). afraid, they begin to run. soon, they have to stop to catch their breath, allowing the coyote to catch up. they find each other, and in the human's trepidation, they drop their cigarette and flee- causing a forest fire.
i wanted to surround the human with a sense of disaster, ignorance and mindless carelessness.
it's always interesting to paint humans as the villain in a story and see the perspective of something else instead.

the story starts with a flashback, so you could read that section at the end instead, if you so wished. I kind of just didnt want a traditional 'happy' ending - although we know the coyote is alive.

anyway, thank you for reading!

- walk

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02/10/2019 3:39 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Answer
tooth ache
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So incredibly written omg, I hope this wins
02/10/2019 3:41 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Cyborg
walk avatar
love how u comment on my stuff when ur literally right next to me - but thanks
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