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Farm Building

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Ghastslayer1099's Avatar Ghastslayer1099
Level 17 : Journeyman Blacksmith
We all are bored of having farms that never work, correct?

Well here I can give you some tips on how to make (And use), an epic farm.

Step 1: Start SMALL: The key to building a large farm is to build something small. Building small can have more growing opportunities, such as, 1: The Water Scythe 2: The Piston Remover (Requires Re-Tilling) And 3: The Manual (And most boring) Fist Collector

Step 2: Do NOT Farm Different CROPS: Farming different crops on 1 farm can be relatively hard. You have to keep memorizing where each crop goes. Farming 1 crop on each farm, however, makes it much easier to build it bigger, better, and more efficient.

Step 3: Do not make it too COMPLEX: Making a redstone farm is fun, yet sometimes making that can result in complexity and redstone wasting.

Step 4: Make PATHS: Paths are important for keeping your crops clean. Fencing the farm off as well can make sure that pigs, cows, sheep, etc. dont get in and tromp around in your wheat/carrots/potatoes.

Step 5: Keep it MOIST: A moist farm, (This is so common knowledge) is key to having efficent growth rates. Building a farm over an ocean/lake can work... if you build it right.

Step 6: Bone meal Dispensers (OPTIONAL!): Bone meal dispensers can be expensive, yet very helpful. Crafting dispensers and placing them over/around your farm right next to wheat will make it, (When activated) boost the growth of the crop.

Well, thats all i have today :P

Diamond please and sub for more building tips, stories, and guides :D

You read this whole sentence for no reason whatsoever. :P

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03/18/2019 2:48 am
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