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Feeding the Void: A Guide to Hypixel Skywars

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Hello, I’m Myzo and I’m gonna be your Skywars tutor for today!

Skywars is arguably the most popular minigame on Hypixel. There are always hundreds or even thousands of players in the lobby (and the benefit of having so many players playing at the same time is that there’s almost no waiting time between games!).

It’s a fast-paced minigame where players spawn on individual islands with three chests full of loot. The loot includes blocks, tools, swords, armor, snowballs, and so on. The goal is to kill a player in combat or by knocking him off his island into the void. There is a large island at the center of the map, equidistant from the other islands, that contains many chests with great loot – diamond gear, enchanted tools, bows, ender pearls, mob eggs, golden apples, and so on. The center island also usually has an enchanting table.

Three minutes into a match, all chests will refill with items. The refill gives the loot that you normally find only at mid even to chests on the outer islands, so a camper can get gear equal to that of a mid rusher if they’re not dealt with quickly. And if a match drags on for too long, the Doom event starts – an Ender Dragon appears and starts trying to knock players off their islands. If they still manage to survive, then the match ends in a draw.

Killing someone gives you some coins and a soul. Souls are what sets Hypixel’s Skywars apart from the Skywars gamemodes of other servers. They can be exchanged for kits, perks, cages, and coins at the Soul Well (more on that soon).

(Please note that I am by no means a Skywars expert/PvP God/etc. I’m just a guy who really likes Skywars, so I decided to write this guide. I’m aware that there are many other good guides out there as well; this is just my contribution.)

If you wonder where the name of the guide came from, there's a quest you can complete called Feeding the Void in Skywars - you have to knock two people off their islands.

Skywars Lobby
After logging into Hypixel, right-click the compass in your first slot and select the Eye of Ender:

Feeding the Void: A Guide to Hypixel Skywars

As you can see, there are over 8300 players online right now – that’s a lot!

Feeding the Void: A Guide to Hypixel Skywars

This is the Hypixel Skywars lobby. You can see a lot of players roaming around and trying their luck at the Soul Well (next section). The white-robed villager here is the Quest Master, who gives you quests and challenges to do in return for rewards:

Feeding the Void: A Guide to Hypixel Skywars

These quests are usually easy money and experience (XP), especially the rusher challenges – they’re an incredibly easy 2400 XP each, and you can do ten challenges a day:

Coming to your hotbar, if you right-click the emerald in your third slot, you can access the shop window:

Here, you can view your Solo and Team Kits, purchase and upgrade Ranked and Mega Kits, purchase Perks, hire Soul Harvesters, make some cosmetic adjustments, and receive Ranked rewards:

Soul Well

The Soul Well is a portal to the unholy realm guarded by the fearsome winged Angel of Death, who accepts sacrifices of souls in exchange for mortal loot (read this as: the end portal block eats souls and gives you kits, perks, cages, and coins). It’s essentially a slot machine which runs on souls. It’s the only way you can get the aforementioned kits, perks, and cages. You get souls by killing players, by winning a match, or by hiring Soul Harvesters. You need 10 souls to operate the Well. Right-click it and click the green wool block:

The dial spins, comes to a halt, and then:

Here’s one I made earlier. I got the Enchanter kit for Solo and a perk I already had. Soul Well rewards fall under three categories – common (green), rare (blue), and legendary (gold). You can add more slots through the options menu, meaning you can spin more than 10 souls at a go. It’s useful if you’re spinning in bulk.

You can purchase souls with coins. You can ‘hire’ a Warlock for 600 coins (5 souls), a Necromancer for 1000 coins (10 souls), or a Death God for 4500 coins (50 souls). You should buy souls if you can, because you can get great kits and perks much more easily than by grinding kills alone.

You can even convert Arcade Games coins to Skywars coins at a rate of 10 to 1 – meaning that 10000 Arcade coins give you 1000 Skywars coins, for example. You can perform three conversions per day. Extra Arcade coins that you don’t need can be changed to Skywars coins and spent on souls this way.

A great investment you should make as soon as you can is the Xezbeth Luck upgrade. It increases the number of souls you get per win by one for each upgrade, up to a maximum of 3.


There are four gamemodes for Skywars: Solo, Team, Mega, and Ranked.

In Solo, there are 12 players each on their own islands and teaming is forbidden. In Team, there are 24 players, with 2 players per island. Only your teammate can see your chat messages. You can either join a party and be paired up with that person or not join one and get a random partner.

Solo and Team have two modes – Normal and Insane. Normal is what most people play – there’s regular loot and no modifiers. In Insane, the loot you find in chests is much better and the loot at mid is extremely OP. And VIPs and above can vote for special modifiers – TNT Rain, Albi the Dragon, Zombie Apocalypse, Double Health, and Bomberman.

In Mega, there are 100 players, with 5 players per island. There are separate kits and perks and much larger maps. Ranked is a 4-player free-for-all that also has unique kits and perks. You need at least 50 total kills to join a Ranked match.

So pick a gamemode and let’s go! Note that this guide is mostly oriented towards the Solo gamemode.


A kit is, well, a kit that you can pick before the beginning of a Skywars match. They contain weapons, armor, tools, and more that give you a boost. Solo, Team, Mega, and Ranked kits are independent, and Solo and Team kits can only be obtained through the Soul Well.

Here is a list of Solo kits, taken from the Hypixel Wiki page on Skywars:


Anvil, Enchanted Book (Protection III, Sharpness I), Diamond Helmet


Iron Axe (Efficiency I), 16x Oak Wood


Enchanting Table, 64x Bottle of Enchanting, 8x Bookcase


Full Leather Armor, Wooden Sword, 16x Glass, Steak


Golden Chestplate, Golden Leggings, Golden Boots


Golden Apple, Spawns a 4th chest with spawn loot below the cage.


Iron Leggings (Projectile Protection III), 64x Egg


Fishing Rod (Unbreaking X, Knockback I, Luck of The Sea X, Lure VII), 16x Cooked Fish


Bow, 10x Arrow


Golden Sword (Sharpness II, Unbreaking V), Golden Helmet (Protection I)


Gold Helmet, White Leather Chestplate, White Leather Leggings, Beacon Block, 42x Emerald Block


16x Snowball, 2x Snow Block, Iron Shovel (Unbreaking III), Pumpkin


Iron Pickaxe (Efficiency III, Sharpness I, Unbreaking III), 16x Stone


16x TNT, 4x Redstone Block, Iron Boots (Feather Falling III, Blast Protection III), Water Bucket


Corrupted Pearl (60s delay)


Flint and Steel (Unbreaking X), 5x Lava Bucket, Splash Potion of Fire Resistance, Iron Chestplate


16x Cobweb, 5x Fireworks, Full Leather Armor (pink)

The Enderman’s ‘corrupted pearl’ is essentially an ender pearl with infinite uses and a 60-second cooldown.


Perks are passive benefits that are, again, obtained through the Soul Well. Some of them can be upgraded with coins. A combination of the right perks when fully upgraded can be lethal.

Ender Mastery
20/40/60/80/100% less damage taken from Ender Pearls.

Instant Smelting

Increases the smelt speed to make it instant.


Every kill you gain 1/2/3 EXP levels.

Mining Expertise

10/20/30/40/50% chance to get 1 extra ore per block mined.


Every kill gives you full hunger and saturation.

Resistance Boost

Gain 5/10/15s of Resistance II when the game starts.

5/6/7/8/10% chance to spawn a Silverfish next to enemies when you hit them with a Bow.

Arrow Recovery

5/10/15/20/25% chance of getting your Arrows back on hit.

Blazing Arrows

1/2/3/4/5% chance for Arrows shot to be on fire.


Gain 4/8/12/16/20s of Absorption I when the game starts.


Enemy kills give you Regeneration I for 2/4/6/8/10s.

Speed Boost

Get Haste I for 5/11/17/23/30s when the game starts.


Enemy kills give you Strength I for 1/2/3/4/5s.


5% chance to spawn a Zombie when you die.

Instant Smelting, Knowledge, Mining Expertise, Nourishment, and Revenge are pretty much useless. So don’t spend any money on Mining Expertise (the only upgradeable one). Bulldozer, Juggernaut, Resistance Boost, Ender Mastery, and Fat are great perks – upgrade them as much as you can.

Let's Play!

There are three main strategies for Skywars: rushing, camping, and raiding.

Rushing is pretty simple – quickly grab some blocks and make a simple bridge to the central island, then grab the loot and either camp there or invade someone else’s island.

The strategy I use is rushing, because you can bridge to mid very quickly and get the loot before the other players have a chance to react. There are two drawbacks to this, though: one, players who spot you can knock you off with an egg or a snowball. Two, unforunately, a lot of other players also rush, so mid isn’t often going to be empty! If you wanted to be extra safe, you could build a small wall on either side of the bridge to prevent yourself from being knocked off, but it’s often a major waste of time and resources.

The great bit about rushing is the loot you end up with:

With that much armor and weaponry, you can probably easily kill the other players:

Try to do it before the first refill, though. And if you do it right:


Optionally, you could grab one chest’s loot quickly before bridging, which might give you a good weapon or piece of armor. The best kits for rushing are those that give you blocks and a weapon or armor. The Ecologist kit is a great idea because you get a good weapon, you can bridge immediately, and you can break chests instead of manually sorting through them. The Speleogist kit is also good. The Rookie kit is a great choice, as you get full armor and can bridge immediately. However, an Ecologist armed with an iron axe can quickly silence you. The Pharoah kit is good for the same reasons.

Camping is another strategy. Basically, loot all three chests (but don’t destroy them), fortify your island, and defend it against invaders until all the other players have killed each other. It’s considered a ‘noobish’ or ‘dumb’ strategy by a lot of players, but it can be quite effective if done right. If you’re planning on camping, raid your three chests very quickly, or you may find an unwelcome visitor hacking you to bits while you’re sorting through your loot.

Chuck snowballs or eggs or shoot arrows at invaders to knock them off their bridges, and always look all around you to spot attackers. To fortify your island, place a 2-block high wall of blocks around its boundary, but make sure to place a block so that you can see over it.

The downsides to camping are that a player can easily ender pearl over to you (though pearls are quite rare), a player with mid weapons and armor could easily rush to your island and kill you, and a player with a bow can snipe you and force you to hide while bridging to you at the same time.

If you manage to survive for three minutes – until the chest refill – congratulations! With the refill, you’ll probably have gear and weapons on par with the mid rushers. Then either wait for the remaining player(s) to attack your island or bridge to them and fight it out.

The best kits for camping are probably Snowman, since you can make a Snow Golem that attacks everything in sight; Enderchest, as you get a fourth chest to raid; Fisherman, Hunter, or Farmer, for knocking people off; or Enchanter, for giving your gear some decent enchantments.

Raiding is a variant of rushing – instead of rushing to the central island, you rush to your neighbors’ islands and kill them, stealing their loot. Since many players take quite a while to sort through the loot on their islands, quickly bridging over when they’re not looking and stabbing them in the back works quite well. But if the person whose island you’re bridging to notices you, they could easily snowball or punch you off.

Kits that are good for rushing are also good for raiding. The Knight kit is also useful, since you get a piece of armor and a powerful weapon – grab some blocks from the nearest chest and quickly bridge over. The Enderman kit may also be of some use, as you get an ender pearl with unlimited uses with a 60-second cooldown.


The simplest way to bridge is to create a 1-block wide pathway to another island while sneaking (shift key) to ensure that you don’t fall off. Hold down the right mouse button to automatically place blocks while moving. It’s a very cheap and effective method. The only problem with this method is that you can easily get knocked off by someone else.

Alternatively, you can pillar bridge – make a tall pillar of blocks, maybe ten to fifteen blocks, then bridge towards an island. People might find it harder to knock you off a higher platform. If you’re pillar bridging, you can hold a water bucket in your main hand when you jump and spam your right mouse button to land without any fall damage (you land on the water).

You could even go to the bottom of your island, then tunnel out and bridge to another island. This has the advantage of being
extra sneaky and people will rarely notice you when you do this. However, you can’t see whether the person is still on the island or not if you go under, and if you’re bridging to mid, you will have to tower up once you reach the island.

Using water is a good idea when building a bridge. Place a water source block in the middle or at the start of your bridge. Even if you get knocked off, you just might be able to fall into the stream of water and float back up to the bridge.

How to Deal with Hackers

Hackers are a major nuisance when it comes to multiplayer Minecraft. They can suck the fun out of a game, act as major trolls, and annoy people to no end. Thankfully, Hypixel’s Watchdog monitoring system does an amazing job weeding out hackers and banning them from the network (hooray!), and the moderators also do a great job dealing with them. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a hacker in Skywars, do not accuse them of hacking directly! Hackusations are a bannable offense! Instead, message a moderator about it or record video evidence and post it on the Hypixel forums. See https://hypixel.net/threads/all-about-reporting-read-before-posting.348730/ for more details.

Tips and Tricks

Killstealing – When you spot two people in combat, ready your weapons but don’t get into the fray. When one or both of them have low health, rush in and kill both of them so that you get the credit for both kills. Some players consider this ‘noobish’ behavior, just like camping, but hey, it works. Don’t listen to them.

Janitor – This is a variant of killstealing. Wait until one of them has died, then rush and kill the other player, who probably has low health and is recuperating. The same ‘noobish’ remarks are targeted at this trick. Ignore them.

Knockback – Knockback plays a crucial factor in Skywars, where combat often takes place on narrow paths with steep drops. An egg or a snowball, while dealing no damage, can easily knock off another player. An arrow works just as well. You can even stab a player with a sword and push them off into the void if you time the attack well and jump to get a critical hit.

Sneaking – When you’re recuperating, eating a golden apple, or just hiding from other players, sneak by pressing the shift key so that your character crouches and your nametag is harder to see. This helps a lot.

Ender pearls – Ender pearls are lifesavers. If you get knocked off an island, immediately switch to an ender pearl and throw it in the rough direction of an island. If you do it right, it might save your life. They have another use, too. If you’re at mid and you’re trying to kill a camper, when his attention is distracted, ender pearl over to his island and kill him. He might be surprised and take a few seconds to react, which would be all you need. Remember to upgrade your Ender Mastery perk as much as possible – there are five upgrades, each reducing the damage you take from ender pearls by 20%.

Sort your inventory – If you have a second or two to spare, always throw away useless items to make space for new loot
from chests or players. Comes in handy.

Clean up your hotbar – Make sure you have a melee weapon, projectiles, and blocks accessible on your hotbar at all times. If you have a bow, ender pearls, flint and steel, lava buckets, water buckets, or golden apples, keep those in your hotbar as well.

Projectiles – Practice throwing eggs and snowballs so that your accuracy improves and you can shoot a player off a bridge much more easily. Also brush up on your bow skills.

Don’t linger at mid – Don’t spend too long at mid just sorting through the chests and discarding useless items. Another player might come along and kill you while you’re doing so. As soon as you have enough items/armor, start patrolling the island or start bridging to people. Never linger anywhere for too long.

Armor your skeletons – If you’re lucky enough to find a skeleton spawn egg in the mid loot, remember to chuck him your unwanted armor and enchanted bows. This will help you immensely, as the skeleton will be a much stronger ‘distraction’ now. Obviously, you can’t do this with blazes.

Reduce lag – Lag is a major killer when it comes to PvP. If you lag for even a second or two in the middle of combat, you’ll be dead. To reduce lag, go to the video settings in the options menu in Minecraft, change the graphics to ‘fast,’ switch off smooth lighting and 3d anaglyph, switch on OpenGL, change particles to minimum, disable clouds, increase your max FPS, don’t play on fullscreen, and reduce your render distance. Try installing Optifine to improve the performance even more. If the lag still exists, try allocating more RAM to Minecraft. If you only lag in multiplayer, the problem may lie with your Internet connection. If you have a slow or volatile connection, try closing other programs which use the Internet (including Windows Update), reset your router, refresh your DNS cache, or if all else fails upgrade your Internet package with your ISP and give yourself more bandwidth and speed.

Leave a tip

Every time you join Hypixel, remember to type ‘/tip all’. This gives an amount of money to players who have a booster running (don’t worry, the money is generated, it’s not taken from your balance!) in every game across Hypixel, and you get a few coins in the games as well. If someone has a Skywars booster on, the server will usually prompt you to tip at the start of every match. It’s easy money and is a nice way to appreciate another person’s contribution.


That’s it for my first-ever guide. I hope this helped you guys out! Constructive criticism, comments, faves, and diamonds are appreciated.

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