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( Useful informations and tricks ) First day in Minecraft...

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OK I know. If you Minecrafter you are of course know
how to survive first day in Minecraft. But today I' m going to
show you some tricks how to get a lot materials AT FIRST DAY in Minecraft.

1. You are spawn on new world. You don't know anything about this land. You had to do these things:
- Take a look around you. Try to find good place (Valley is the best). Try to remember this place
- Collect wood (10 block is enough). Craft only 7 blocks of wood to wooden planks. Craft crafting table.
Craft wooden pick
- Try to find wall or hill. With pick create a little cave ( in wall ) where you will survive first night.


2. Your home. Now you had to equip your home.
- First you had to light up your home. If you can't find coal ore you can make coal ( charcecoal ) by yourself.
From cobellstone craft furnace. Put in furnace wooden planks ( for gas ) and wood. Now you got charcecoal.
-Craft wooden door to protect your home from monsters!

3. We had to advance! First night is always long ( If you don't have bed ) so we can do something useful when we are waiting for day;
- You can start diging down and searching for ores.
- You can craft tools and wepons from wood or cobellstone.
- You can just waiting and bored yoourself.


When comes a new day you can get more wood or cobellstone. You can create a big house. Feel free. Do anything you want!


This is everything what I wanted to say about that.
Have fun wit that and please don't forget to give ma a diamond if you like this blog.
And please excuse, because I'm from Slovenia and I don't speak English very well.

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