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Five nights at freddys S1:The bite-Episode 4: Action Begins...

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avatar Soloyolio
Level 19 : Journeyman Ninja
PLEASE READ: So i would like to say that you should go see the previous episodes or else you will get completley and uterly confused becasuse this is a stoey and has a STORYline that you need to understand but this is your choise im not commanding you to do anything but anyways hope you enjoy episode 5 should be when I add action so get ready cuz this one has some near the end! PEACE!
(Mark security guard) "ahh this should be easy....hmmm whats this? a
chip? (The chip has a card attached to it) {Dear guard plase keep this
chip in your grasp at all times... we cant risk losing it.... for your
sake-CEO} "Wait what do they mean by.. for your sake....?".
Meanwhile..... "Chica....where are those radio noises comming from? and
by the way..wheres foxy?" says bonnie. Hes out searching for the other
robots...". replys chica."Guys i need you over here...." Shouts foxy.
"For what?" says chica. "doesent matter" says foxy. Ok commin..... What
happend to this one.... asks chica.  I dont know, but ive talked to all
of them and their in.says foxy lets go. (snoring) Ambience... pure
ambiance i cant sleep..... might aswel check the cams. Says Mark while
looking directly into the darkness of the front hallway. It would help
if there wasnt a gaping hole in the front wall, im getting more parinoid
by the second. Says Mark as he drifts his head over to the  desk he is
at spoting a flash light. Oh well look at this!
So this is what i use
to see? i thought this place was modern.... well at lease for the year
it is right now... who knows what we might have by the 2000s. He says
while shining the light at the dark spots. (clang) (clang) (clang,clang)
.....(Mark FREEZES in his position. So they do move.....this job just
gets better and better doesnt it... says Mark rampaging through the
cameras to the vents. Gahhh, i cant see a thing... hmm lights attached
to vent cameras? seeeeeems legit (man I play to many videogames) says
mark. hmm lets see whos in here.... (freeze) i thought... it was a
rat...but their moving..... Hi says a faint childs voice which gives
shivers down marks spine. (camera signals cutting out) what what no no
no no no this cant happen...finally their back..wait
where is that
thing that.......chicken.... says mark while getting out of his camera.
Well time to put this light to use! . Says Mark shining his light at
right vent. HOLY ****ING SHIT WHAT DO I DO. Yells mark to himself
remembering the time when the phone dude said that you have to put the
mask on. Mask quick.... (Heavey breathing) ...... is that thing gone....
Mark leans backwards as toy bonnie passes by him breaking the wall
behind him. hmmm im this place is dangerous... but i will take care of
(A bit later) Uh this suit is unconfertable.....i really need
to change... but ...whatever. Meanwhile.... Chica i cant detect any
heat waves....says bonnie. me either but im sure foxy will find them.
Nope says foxy suddenly. woah where you come from foxy says bonnie
suprised. welli juts checked and i think he accedentily broke the wall
and just left.. but he took the chip with him
(faint "OW") Hey bonnie
you hear that? Says chica. Hey! cmere! yells freddy. whats this ... a
suit? says chica. Yep its the old spare one. replies foxy. Well im going
to powerdown in the matinece room. me to. yea i might to says freddy
bonnie and chica. Well im staying out... just to look for anything
suspicious. Ok whatever you do you i do me and we wont do
Thursday, 6:50 am,19##} Foxy find anything? says foxy. Nope.... just this says foxy whle holding up a dead child in his hand.
DID YOU GET THAT CHILD FROM! shouts chica. Found him on the
floor....and he has...a knife.. in his stomach....says foxy staring
directly at the blodd puddle. Did you not see the murder even happen!
says chica. Nope... i just limped over to the other side and took a
little recharge after that i saw a dead child here. Says foxy in a low
voice. well the childred are comming soon... there is no way that-
Before chica can continue children burst in the door and see foxy
holding the dead child.... (kid): MOMMY FOXY KILLED SOMEONE HELP!
Foxy.... were domed there is only one way to get out of this. says
whats that. says foxy. We trick the other clones of us to
stand here.....then we might survive.. says freddy. It sounds obsurred
but sure. Hey watcha up to? asks toy chica with toy freddy and bonnie
behind her. UMM ok you stand here we are going to get a suprise... says
foxy along with a unhearable voice "it may be our last time
talking...."umm ok say all 3" .... (later in the mantinance room) Well
thats the last time we will be seeing them... says chica sadly. it is..
they just got disasembled. infront of me.says foxy.I think they are
moving the location.. so we have the next few days for our selfs...we
wont have to worry about the guard reporting us moving.says foxy. ok so
wanna go see the building... remember... the hole in the wall. says
yea you go bonnies asleep i will keep guard for any other murderers....you go. says freddy .ok lets go chica. says foxy.
if your wondering how im walking is that i took out that ballon kids
chip and put it in me neck.says foxy as they wank into the 5th party
room. {radio} We interupt this program to say that the resteraunt of
freddy fazbears pizza will be staying open
untill next thursday. Well
there... you hear that? 7 more nights.... says foxy seven nights for
what? To find who did the murder...says foxy.Why thats going to get us
destroyed! yells chica. This is why says foxy pointing at another dead
child. if you dont want to help there is somthing wrong in your
programming.. we were build to help children...not abandon them.. says
foxy. Since when were you nice anyways >.< says chica.Shut up and
investigate.Says foxy angerily. Ok replies chica.
bonnie. Bonnie? Bonnie! BONNIE BONNIE! yells freddy Whe wha whu- oh yea
what -.-. says bonnie with a repaired face. Newspaper: 19** ** 25 Freddy
Fazbears pizzeria night shift guard MISSING. 3 days later: Report filed
and pizzeria found not blamed be stating in published note that all
employes get that freddy fazbears pizza is not responsible for death or
dismemmberment. Oh wow.says bonnie. thats not all foxy last night told
me that the place is open 7 more days.
(sigh of releif) finaly.... now 3 to go....but that means i mean 3
more... (door creak) SHI* the guard is here! RUN....says mike. (?????):
..... (walks to office) . Well looks like the guard is here. says foxy.
(sigh) just when i thought this would be a good night... says bonnie
nodding his head. well im going to see if anything else has changed
while we were alseep....i have been putting the bodies in a certain
place so bye. says foxy. Bye. freddy bonnie and chica. (footsteps)
creak) (gasp........) wh. where... where did the girl go....and where
are-. somthings wrong.....Gah.. its to dark.. cmon nightvision....
there... dun dun duuuun! blood.... blood everywhere..... (footsteps) man
im really hearing things...says foxy
(???) oh really are you my friend well TAKE THIS.says ??? while he swings his metal bar at foxy leaving a miniture dent.
YOUR GONNA PAY FOR THAT RAHHHHHHHHH! says foxy as he bites ??? in the
head. (Fast steps) (Guard):N-no-no d-d-d-d-ont k-k-k-kill me........ as
he sees foxy. Oh your in for it just like this guy says foxy smiling and
exposing his bloody teeth to the terrified guard gripping a
flamethrower on the wall. Stay back! im not afraid to use this!
the trembeling guard. Oh dont you even try. says foxy slowly making his
may over to the guard.ARHHHHHA! says ??? as he propels himself at foxy
sendding a metal bar straight through foxys newly fixed torso and
ripping the fabric and wires untill it hit a metal suppourt  knocking
foxy into a wall. Now here ONE LESS TO DEAL WITH HEY YOU USE THAT
FLAMETHROWER .says ???. Ok! says the guard. Grrrrrrrrr. hey did you hear
that? says the guard HURRY US ALRE- BLEAHHH......says ??? as foxy
shredds through ???s throat. OH SH*T. says the guard as he lets the
flames out of the flamethrower. TAKE THIS YOU MONST-- says the guard as
freddy bear hugs him from behind picking him up making the flames go all
around the room burning freddy in the chest. ARGHHH yells freddy as
chica propels herself like a cheetah at the guard biting the
YO- GET OFF says the guard and stops resisting her
grip and roasts chicas mouth sending he tumbling to the floor. Hah you
can take me on! you get that! im the champion get it! NOW tell me you
two... WHOS THE CHAMP! says the guard. Any one but you says foxy as the
flames that touched him only made his hook completly straight and more
effective he comes up behind the guard and stabs him right through the
right hand turning him around and they pinning him to a wall and
pulverises him with a sharp bite in the leg knocking him to the floor
then along with a gravity reienforced chest stab drop killing the man in
less time than you can say I sped up 10x more. Uhh my mouth says chica
as she gets up.oh my gawd my damn chest! says freddy as he gets up.
well... that was.. intense...you okay here lemme help botha ya to the
mantinance room. Thanks foxy says chica smiling. Yea... thanks... says
freddy. (In the matinence room) .......... what happend.... bonnie......
says chica looking at bonnie with bullet holes denting his entire body
and with a metal Bar going right through his lower chest.

             To Be Continued
                  In episode
















12/14/2014 12:27 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Toast
I cant tell who's speaking or whats going on, and why is everything bolded?
12/14/2014 9:32 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Ninja
There is SAYS sentance after every speech. try reading that. Other wise your a not that good of a reader.if any of the other did not help then read it more SLOWLY. And the bolding was on accedent also in the speaches it tells you what goes on while they finished talking got cut in the middle of talking.
12/14/2014 3:52 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Toast
Im sorry, im in advanced language arts- im pretty sure im a good reader. Do NOT insult me. Its just very messy, but you can write in whatever format you'd like.
12/14/2014 5:33 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Ninja
Wow dude im not trying to be mean i never said you were bad at reading :P I never insulted you :P also why cant you just say its messy :( are you telling me this because you just want to hate on me for posting this or  tell me this so i can improve? So i just plainly want to say i did not want to make you mad and just get straight to the point. (Anyways the stroy was for people to read not correct but that depends on the person)
12/14/2014 7:03 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Toast
"Other wise your a not that good of a reader."  Thats what you said, but I guess that doesn't matter...

Write it however you want, I was just asking why everything was bolded, and I was trying to be giving you feedback. Write it however you want, I was in no way saying that anything was wrong or telling you to correct anything. Sorry if i came off as rude, but you can't fight fire with fire.
Ill delete the comment i posted if it was offensive to you.
12/14/2014 7:13 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Ninja
Nah its ok.
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