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Flans Mod Related Tutorial (Updated for Flans mod 4.8.0)

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Flans mod related Tutorial Updated for Flans mod 4.8.0

Sup Everyone!! This is MrCreepMan here and I am more than happy to say that Flans mod is currently in 4.8.0 and works just fine with the latest forge (for MC 1.7.10).

However there are massive changes in the /teams command and commands within the /teams code. So I decided to post another one so that everyone (at least those who see this) stays at the same page. Let's Start!


1. Install the latest forge version (1.7.10)

2. Run MineCraft and see if anything goes wrong
goes wrong - head to 3
works perfectly fine - head to 4

3. Few reasons why it might go wrong
- Crash between the forge and outdated mods in the .minecraft/mods/ folder, delete them please
- Might have logged on to profile with other versions, set it to 1.7.10-Forge.10.X
- CCC users might have to change their system mode

4. If MineCraft runs perfectly, close it down and install Flans mod here http://flansmod.com/download the file's name should be 'Flans Mod-1.7.10-4.8.0' 

5. You need Content Packs to enjoy Flans mod. Get them from http://flansmod.com/content-packs 

Content Packs created by JamioFlan are:
Modern Warfare Pack: http://flansmod.com/content-pack/4/Modern_Weapons_Pack?search=&sort=downloads&direction=DESC&seed=1.41791658579E%2B12&pageon=1 
WW2 Pack: http://flansmod.com/content-pack/7/World_War_II_Pack?search=&sort=downloads&direction=DESC&seed=1.41791658579E%2B12&pageon=1 
Ye Olde Pack:http://flansmod.com/content-pack/8/Ye_Olde_Pack?search=&sort=downloads&direction=DESC&seed=1.41791658579E%2B12&pageon=1 
Simple Parts Pack: http://flansmod.com/content-pack/2/Simple_Parts_Pack?search=&sort=downloads&direction=DESC&seed=1.41791658579E%2B12&pageon=1 
Titan Pack:http://flansmod.com/content-pack/13/Titan_Pack?search=&sort=downloads&direction=DESC&seed=1.41791658579E%2B12&pageon=1 
Zombie Pack: 
Nerf Pack: http://flansmod.com/content-pack/9/Nerf_Pack?search=&sort=downloads&direction=DESC&seed=1.41791658579E%2B12&pageon=1 
Mecha Parts Pack: http://flansmod.com/content-pack/309/Mecha_Parts_Pack?search=&sort=downloads&direction=DESC&seed=1.41791658579E%2B12&pageon=5 
After downloading them, place these files at .minecraft/Flans folder. You can easily access by using 'start+r' and type '%appdata%'

6. If your forge worked perfectly fine, there's no reason why there would be further crashese after installing the mod. If there is, just 'Flans' folder and see if there are other out-dated content packs.

/teams command (you need to be either an Admin or OP to use it)
/teams command is one of the major part of flans mod, what it does is it allows you to play PVP with flans mod guns in massively different ways such as Team Death Match, Capture the Flag and so on.

"This section gives a checklist for making a simple one map round based combat server
  1. Build a map. You can be as imaginative as you like here. Your map could be anything from an abandoned town or a train station to a mineshaft or a cactus farm.
  2. Place flags to denote each team's base and spawners nearby to indicate where the players will spawn.
  3. Enter "/teams getSticks" in chat.
  4. Do "/teams addMap <shortName> <Long Name>". <shortName> is an identifier to refer to your map by with all commands. It may not contain spaces. The <Long Name> is what the players see in the vote panel.
  5. Right click on the flagpoles with the Stick of Mapping to get the editing GUI. You can set the team and map of this base here.
  6. Right click on a flagpole with the Stick of Connecting (You should get a fishing rod line connected to the flagpole).
  7. Right click on each spawner you want to connect to the flagpole. Note that if you change selected item, the line will disappear.
  8. Do "/teams addRound <mapShortName> <gametype> <team1> <team2> <timeLimit> <scoreLimit>
  9. can be one of "DM", "TDM" or "CTF". For a list of team names (shortNames in brackets) do /teams listTeams
  10. Then do "/teams start"
  11. Play! Players can press G at any time to pick a team and H to view scores."
All credit goes to flan for this set-up, it can also be seen at http://flansmod.com/teams-tutorial 5. Basic Setup. All those bold texts are essential commands for the setup, just to let you guys see more easily.

Briefly mentioned above, there are variety gametypes to enjoy. Let me explain one by one

TDM: Team Death Match, two teams fight one another and score points by killing opponent players. The Team with the most points wins.
Death Match, it's you against all, if you want to win, kill as many players as possible and earn the most points!
Capture the flag, both teams have to capture and secure the opponent's flag to score a point. The team with most points wins.
Zombie mode, one player among the group turns to a mob and slain other players to make them join you. Group wins if they survive for a certain period of time; Monsters win if they infect all players

More gametypes will come up if there are donations made to bring incentives to jamioflan. Please read the Donation section of this blog. 
List of Servers
Can be found here: www.flansmod.com/servers 
Server owned by jamioflan: 

Jamio Flan has a patreon feed site http://www.patreon.com/jamioflan to give him incentives to continue improving his mod. Depending on how much you donate, you get few advantages from doing so for example if you donate $5 and more, you can request for a skin for a gun and will be part of the official flans mod packs, if you donate $20 and more, you can request more a suitable gun for either modern warfare or ww2 pack.

By reaching more of his milestone goals will introduce more gametypes such as T-1000 mode or the Conquest Gametype.

Please please please do support and donate him for all great things he is doing for us ;) 

There are other features within the /teams command for example you can set to break glass or not, set explosive effects or off and so on, if you want to know more about it types /teams help in the chat to list bunch of other commands or http://flansmod.com/teams-tutorial 4. Commands to understand their use. Other practical questions that the website cannot assist with, you can contact me via skype or e-mail or PMC messages. 
skype: rr4219
email: richardtan@naver.com

Credithttp://flansmod.com/teams-tutorial and to JamioFlan

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12/24/2018 10:35 am
Level 1 : New Miner
TitaneerYeager's Avatar

Thank you for taking the time to help me.

I followed the teams tutorial to the tee, & I have also tried every possible combination I could think of. I get stuck at /teams addRound <mapShortName> <gametype> <team1> <team2> <timeLimit> <scoreLimit>.
At first, I put everything with the "<>" but it would say:no such map.
I would remove the "<>", & then it would say, no such gametype "<TDM>".
I would remove the "<>", & then it would say incorrect usage;it should be blah blah blah, stuff I already filled out.
I also tried removed all "<>". I tried to do the command with the ... & without the ... .
I have tried everything I could think of, & like I said, I followed the instructions to a tee.
I didn't get a problem until the afore mentioned command.

Thank you!
11/24/2015 6:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Malibooster's Avatar

I have signed up for this question: I am trying to make Flan's Mod work on my multiplayer server, I have searched Google and Youtube for many hours to get a working Flan's Mod on my server. Alas, I have no idea as to why it is not working.

In Single Player, the mod works, the content packs work. But when I do the same in my server folder, it does not want to play ball. I can not place blocks, nor can the guns shoot their bullets.

Does anyone here, have a working fix for these problems? I am currently running the 1.7.10-4.8 Flans Mod+contentpacks of the same verion on a 1.7.10 MC server
03/29/2016 8:57 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Soldier
Gruesome Pigeon Breeder
Gruesome Pigeon Breeder's Avatar
About your second question, please check you have installed
1. Forge correctly on the server, thus make sure it's forger server, not a vanilla server.
2. Installed the mod correct (sometimes google chrome may stop downloading due to connection error and say download is complete, make sure these files are all working fine and are not corrupt)
3. Check content pack compatibility and the directory files they are saved at.

If you have further questions, add me on skype perhaps? rr4219. Thankyou
03/29/2016 8:54 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Soldier
Gruesome Pigeon Breeder
Gruesome Pigeon Breeder's Avatar
Sorrry Malibooster! I have been away and I do apologize for such a late reply.

I see you have tried installing the mod as a server. Here's a youtube video you can use to guide you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFbgz7VkfF8

This video is just so that you can set up a basic forge server for 1.7.10.

I believe at the end of this video, you will have folders named 'mods' and create another file named 'Flan' yourself manually.

In the mods section you put Flans mod

In Flans folder you put the content pack you wish to install.
12/29/2014 8:17 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
NavadeHi's Avatar
What do you type in the <timeLimit> and <scoreLimit> area?
12/29/2014 8:44 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Soldier
Gruesome Pigeon Breeder
Gruesome Pigeon Breeder's Avatar
Both of them requires numbers:
<timeLimit> is the time that you want the match to be held as in seconds or ticks.
<scoreLimit> is the number of scores required to win.

So let's say there's a Map called Dawg (dog) and you want it to be CTF. You want it to be held it 3 mins long and want to keep the score as 5 (meaning 5 captures the team wins)

And you need to type /teams addRound dog CTF <team1> <team2> 180 5
12/29/2014 9:38 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
NavadeHi's Avatar
Oh okay, thank you MrCreepMan, one more thing though... Do the minutes have to be converted to seconds? Like the example you gave, you indicated "3 mins" then when you typed it in the command it was "180"... Indicating that it has to be minutes?
03/29/2016 9:00 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Soldier
Gruesome Pigeon Breeder
Gruesome Pigeon Breeder's Avatar
sorry my misunderstanding here and the answer here is that for Time limit you have to put minutes, not seconds. I am really sorry for this misinformation.
12/12/2014 2:00 am
Level 34 : Artisan Explorer
Comrade_Kevin's Avatar
12/29/2014 8:44 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Soldier
Gruesome Pigeon Breeder
Gruesome Pigeon Breeder's Avatar
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