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Full Ender Dragon Infection Story

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Heartshine's Avatar Heartshine
Level 28 : Expert Dragon
When a player had slain the Ender Dragon the purple beams of light try to touch the player injecting him with the Dragon's DNA. The player, unaware of what had happened, goes into the portal, not forgeting to get the Dragon egg. When the player reaches home, it is starting to get dark he goes into his bed. When the night is over he gets up, still unaware of the infection. The player does not know what had happened to him that night, growing dragon horns and claw-like fingers. The player sees that it is starting to get dark very quickly. He starts to wonder why it has become from day to night that quickly. He sees an Enderman he looks directly at it and it doesnt seem to do anything. "That's strange", he says to himself. So, he decides to go to bed. In the morning he is no longer unaware of what had happend a few days ago. He sees the claw-like fingers on his hands, and that his skin has turned black. He is supprised at what had happened and does not know how it had happened. When it has become night once again, the player is in bed. When it has become morning, he looks in his mirror and is shocked to see that his eyes have become purple and that a Dragon's chest can be seen through his clothes. He also has a strange urge to go back to the "End". So, he grabs his full set of diamond armor, his Silk Touch Pickaxe, two diamond swords, a bunch of cobblestone, alot of wood, and some food. When he reaches the portal, he jumps inside. When he gets there he sees that the Ender Crystals have come back. He decides to make a house of sorts and starts to collect the Endstone. The player now is stareing at his house that he had made. "It's not the best house", he says to himself. But he had used every block he had, but hadnt put anything in it. Suddenly a bunch of endermen had taken all of the blocks and placed them in a way to make the best house the player had ever seen. He was confused because endermen place them in random places most of the time. when he went inside it looked as great as it did from the outside. He started putting the interior in, he put a few furnaces, some chests, one ender chest, which he had put a bunch of wool in, some carpeting with the wool, and a crafting bench. when he looked in the mirror again he had seen that he had grown an ender dragon's tail, he saw that his face had become that of an Ender Dragon, the shirt had riped and he could see the Dragon's Chest more clearly. His feet were getting hot, so he tore of the bottom part of his pants and saw a Dragon's back feet. He finnaly understood what was happening to him, he was becomeing an Ender Dragon. He still had no idea how though. The next day after he rested on the floor, he did this because he knew that Beds explode in the "End" just like in the nether. After a while he had got up. He went to his mirror to see if any changes had happened to him he wasn't supprised that one did happen, he was acually happy about which one though. He had grown an Ender Dragon's wings. He set up to fly, he started to do it though. He was flying, the feeling was incredible. While he was flying all of the clothes he had left had torn off, he had finnally had the chance to see his body in the way it was. He looked just like an Ender Dragon with a body of a human. He had started to realize that this had all started to happen to him when he had killed the ender dragon. He had got to the ground when he fell from a small distance he took some fall damage but one of the crystols had healed him with a beam of something he did not know of. He had touched his door when it had dissapered. He was starting to get the powers of an Ender Dragon. After he had found out about his new powers, his nose had grown into a snout. His body was starting to take the shape of an Ender Dragon he waited for about a week and practiced his flying during the week. After the week was over his body was the exact same shape of an Ender Dragon. He knew that soon the instincts of the Ender dragon would come soon. One day while he was in the "End" the person, now an Ender Dragon, suddanly started thinking about destroying the house, and just flying around for the rest of his life. He knew what this ment, the instincts were about to kick in and he would never be able to bring himself together again, which did end up happening. When you go to the "End" you might just see him, so be careful or else you may take his place. -Heartshine

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10/24/2015 6:49 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
crazychinchilla88's Avatar
oooh thats reallly cool
05/19/2013 8:59 pm
Level 24 : Expert Blockhead
brickman940's Avatar
so cool! (there should be a mod for this...)
06/10/2013 8:04 pm
Level 28 : Expert Dragon
Heartshine's Avatar
You can make one or get someone to do it. Just make sure to give credit.
11/10/2012 10:29 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Ranger
craftguy67's Avatar
11/11/2012 12:14 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
swordsman7939's Avatar
I know but I'd like to try it
11/11/2012 5:53 pm
Level 28 : Expert Dragon
Heartshine's Avatar
try what? makeing a story like this?
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