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Future of Minecraft Java Edition

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Doc1000 avatar Doc1000
Level 18 : Journeyman Miner
Ever since microsoft bought minecraft seems as if massive changes have happened... the biggest one being the fact that microsoft has redeveloped minecraft to not use java anymore I.E Windows 10 edition. If this does not prove that Larry Ellison and Bill Gates hate each other, I do not know what does. Im worried about java edition.. Is microsoft going to put java edition aside and focus on windows 10 edition? ( Which is c++ not java) What will happen to the player base? Microsoft is already bundling java edition and windows 10 edition together. So whos to say that microsoft will stop supporting java? This seems to be part of a plan to phase out java from minecraft. or microsoft completely.

If this is not proof of larry ellison and bill gates's hatred toward each other i dont know what is. Eventually java will be gone from microsoft. so put ur thinking caps on. The proof is in the pudding, java edition is not crossplay with anything... C++ is (windows 10 edition) Unfortunately, to those who have spent money, time and effort in the last 4 or 5 years on a java edition server will be completed wasted. As microsoft does not seem to provide any incentives for smaller java server ( 10 - 100 people ) to migrate to c++. Realms is already taking the business away from hundreds if not tens of thousands of small minecraft servers.Not to mention server hosting sites as well.

I know Realms is a business development But why?? Are there not enough public privately owned servers? The beauty of minecraft has always been the fact that you can make a server anyway you like.. But come on microsoft this not fair to small server owners like myself. Why cant I host an MC xbox one server? Or Mc windows 10 edition server?... But only java.

Point is folks that microsoft has been phasing out java in minecraft for the past 3 or 4 years., but microsoft has spoken guys and gals. Java is out make way for windows 10 edition C++. I do not believe that Java edition will phased out anytime soon but lets face it anyway microsoft can phase out oracle products it will.

Lets face it, its expensive to maintain 3 or 4 different source codes. Win 10 edition, java, Pocket edition and xbox... the contender to go is java. This is not fair to the player base and microsoft knows it.

Thanks, for reading.

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09/16/2018 9:42 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Miner
Doc1000 avatar
I see this has been relegated to the gutter...
08/29/2018 12:15 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Engineer
ShelLuser avatar
To be honest I'm getting a bit tired of those constant unfounded stories about the evil Microsoft and stopping with the Java edition. It's simply ridiculous and makes no sense at all, something which should become obvious if you do a bit of fact checking.

You got the same doom scenarios when the news just hit that Microsoft had bought Mojang and many people started spreading nonsense about how this would mark the end of the Java edition and no new versions would be coming out. Yeah, and here we are: 1,5 years later and looking at the shining new 1.13.1. And there is plenty of proof that Mojang has put some massive effort into this. They even managed to fix bugs which have been bothering the community for years now. For example: if you use 'Open to LAN' then all visitors would get to see the host as Steve, this was a bug ever since 1.7.10. Guess what? Not anymore!

How does that make sense within the context of Microsoft wanting to ditch the Java version? It doesn't: because all that time spent on fixing bugs takes time & effort. In other words: money. Within a company time = money afterall. Do you really think Microsoft would go as far and put in weeks worth of man hours to fix bugs in a game they're going to discontinue anyway? I don't ;)

And that also brings us to Realms. Why? Very simple: annual fees. Dozens of companies have begun to try and implement a subscription based model to their services and Mojang is simply one of the many. Realms is a perfect way for them to try and generate some extra revenue besides the license sales for Minecraft. As long as players pay (and they do, they have plenty of users) then it makes sense to exploit that.

Basically it helps novice players to run their own server in a safe and secure way. Not only that: it also allows them to share any favorite worlds or maps they have with others. All with a few mouse clicks. You can't do that with a server ;)

As to the source code: it has already been mentioned a few times that the Java edition is basically a testing ground for new features. It's easier to program things within Java, and there's a rather large community out there, which makes it much more feasible to test stuff out on Java and then port that to the other platforms. This is also something which happened with Aquatic.

But fact of the matter is simple: money. The Java edition is still selling, in both licenses and Realm subscriptions. And as long as that is a thing then the Java edition isn't going anyway anywhere anytime soon.

08/27/2018 8:51 am
Level 28 : Expert Pixel Painter
NumberWonMonkey avatar
Honestly I hope they do forget about it, the game is dead anyway. The best hope this game has to be put in the hands of intelligent programmers. Survival mode is what is fully dead, Minecraft should not be a game but rather a game creator if it is to survive any longer. Microsoft caused a ton of normie children to flood Minecraft thus killing it so in turn for Minecraft to rise from the grave we must make it M rated, and recall all toy protection. That will kick out the tiny babies killing the game.
08/29/2018 2:37 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Artist
Antiquez avatar
MInecraft is far from dead
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