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avatar steffanieee
Level 30 : Artisan Princess
I'm looking for people's ghost stories! Yes weird thing to ask i know, but I'm putting together a short book with Ghost stories in it, and i cant find any good ones, I've searched everywhere so i'm hoping the people on planet minecraft can help me! This is one i found earlier :

My mother works at this care home until present day. Three years ago my mother got me a job at this care home as I was only 18 and looking for a job. Only problem, it was working nights. There were 5 residents at the time I worked there. When I first stepped foot in the the building I sensed a very weird atmosphere. I had heard a lot of stories but I didn't believe any of it such as doors banging, door handles rattling, the usual etc.

A few months into the job I experienced a loud groan. Assuming it was one of the residents, I went down the corridors to check, but all were sound asleep. So I thought one of them must have been dreaming. As I walked back up the corridor, I had a strange feeling someone was standing behind me down the corridor. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I turned around and nothing was there.

I remember cooking myself something to eat in the kitchen and I heard a knock on the window, as if someone was outside. No one can get outside, only if you unlock the doors. But all the doors were locked for safety reasons as the residents have learning disabilities; therefore, we have to help them to do things on their behalf. Also, no one can get out the fire exits as they are fitted with an alarm when opened.

A few more months down the line it was the Christmas holiday. Me and my work colleague decided to have a snack. As I was sitting down in the lounge, my colleague stood in the doorway and gasped. As we both looked behind him, we saw a grey figure walk past him down the corridor. But the strangest thing about it was that it had its own shadow?!

The following night after me and my colleague ran down the corridor as we thought we heard one of the residents trying to get out of the room as the door handle was SHAKING we bravely opened the door to our shock the resident was fast asleep.

To this day a loud groan which sounds like a old woman can still be heard even when the residents are out for the day, faces can be seen in the top corners of the room from time to time. Before it turned into a care home an old man lived in the home with his dog and he always played the piano, When it turned into a care home the piano the old man had was still in the home but when night staff were complaining about the piano playing on its own they had to take the piano away.

One night I had the chance to work with the manager and she told me stories what happened when she first started such as one of the residents had a friend he always smiled at, but when this friend passed away he never smiled, but a week after he passed the resident would always look up at the ceiling and smile they thought nothing of it but when they took the resident to the toilet they heard him say LEAVE ME ALONE this resident cannot speak to anyone as he has severe learning disabilities.

They used to have baby monitors in each room but they kept getting interference on the other end. This I can understand how it is explainable. It is just getting someone else's radio waves.

One resident will look down the corridor and just run into another room as if something had startled her. Another goes into the dining room and says "doggy." This is reference to the man and the piano.

Staff members have spotted people standing outside in the garden and this garden is absolutely pitch black at night. It's impossible to see and really gives you the creeps. I always had to shut the blinds in the kitchen and in the lounge as I felt like someone was going to be looking through. My own mother has stood in the kitchen loading the dishwasher and when she looked behind her, a woman in white with long dark hair had stood right behind her. My mother screamed and her colleague had to send her home as she was really shaken.

When my manager told me these ghostly going-ons, she fetched something out of the office to show and what she showed me was the deeds to the building and what it was built on top of. Yes, that's right. The building was built on top of an old hospital built for women back in the day when they had lost their children or had children out of wedlock believing they were all mental.

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Come on Guys More Horror tales PLEASE

10/04/2012 3:18 pm
Level 23 : Expert Toast
Well i'm not sure but this has to be most scary moment in my life.
It was around 23:30 pm and me and my friends were outside, we heard screaming close to the forest so me and my friends were checking it out, we didn't find anything and we returned, it was very late and everybody was sleeping. In this town we have 2 streets with houses which are old as hell and were rotting all kinds of stuff, but so I looked to the sky and when I pulled down my head a bit I saw someone in one of these houses facing at me and dissapeared instantly, so I told my friends to watch this house, we tried to knock on the door but nobody opened, we heard a loud noise like someone was falling from the stairs and we got totally scared so we ran away. god, the memories still chases me :/
10/04/2012 3:46 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Princess
:O gosh id of been so scared, my house is quite old and makes creaky noises at night cause of the pipes and floor boards. Id be lying if i said Ive never been petrified and looked under my bed :D
06/29/2012 9:07 am
Level 28 : Expert Artist
:o Even the picture scares me :'c
06/29/2012 9:04 am
Level 47 : Master Answer
This isn't much of a "Story", but it really happened, anyway, here:
One day I was walking with all my friends down this street called Markiton, and just as we were passing an old mans house, (he had been killed a few days ago) one told me I should go in and check it out... So as I was a crazed teenage boy (still am) I decided to impress them, I told them later that evening once it started turning dark I would go in, open the 2nd Story windows, and toss a pillow or something out, on my way upstairs, the old man who was supposedly deceased was sitting there with a cocked shotgun, bleeding, then "RAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" from behind me, the old man, popped out of his closet, did I mention, it was Halloween? lol, my friends set me up, I was pretty pissed, but I laughed anyway, it was a good prank
06/29/2012 9:36 am
Level 30 : Artisan Princess
O.o oh my god i would of just died lol!, i would of attacked my friends aswell but yeah that is a pretty good prank!
06/29/2012 8:12 am
Level 22 : Expert Artist
i have some ghost stories about games o: if u want them than pm me :3
06/29/2012 8:13 am
Level 30 : Artisan Princess
Aha post some on here :D xx I'd love to see them
06/29/2012 8:14 am
Level 22 : Expert Artist
Tho some of the stories are from creepypasta o:
06/29/2012 8:15 am
Level 30 : Artisan Princess
:D Go for it !!
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