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(Guide) Ideas for Building your base in Minecraft Part 2: By AeroDynamic

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Hello Everyone, this is the continuation of the previous blog, you can check the link here if you don't know what I meant: http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/tutorial-ways-to-build-your-base-part-1-by-areodynamic/

Anyway Let's continue!

This time we would be looking at Block Combinations and the location for your base. I hope you enjoyed my work as I enjoyed writing it too :)

Block Combinations:

A good base has lots of cool devices and inventions, but how do you make your base look nice? YouTubers like Etho and Docm make it so easy to make elegent, good-looking bases. Well, now you'll know how also. The secret is Block Combinations. That is, what blocks go together nicely. In this section, I'll be telling you what block combinations look nice, and also I'll be giving you a couple ideas for designs for your base!

-Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli blocks, and Gold blocks look nice together
-Jack-o Lanterns, Leaf blocks, Birch wood, and Sandstone look nice together
-End Stone and Vines look nice together
-Stone Bricks, Nether Brick, and Glowstone look nice together.
-Melon blocks and Pumpkins look nice together.
-Mossy cobblestone, Bricks, and Bookshelves look nice together.

Some design tips for your base:
-If your base looks a bit plain, put a fence with two vertical leaf blocks on top! Looks like a little tree, and is a good decoration for a boring room.
-Try putting trapdoors on all your glowstone! It makes your glowstone look nice, and it also makes it look like tasty waffles. Mmm! (Please don't sue me if you get hungry while playing Minecraft).
-Don't forget paintings! If you have a boring wall, put a painting on it! Try making a secret door using paintings!
-Try making an awesome bedroom, with half-slabs around the bed and a roof over, to make a canopy bed!
-If you have a Silk Touch pickaxe, mine some ore blocks and make a wall out of them! Try building a room out of diamond ore, or make a pattern of the different ores on the wall.
-Have stations around your base where you can "fuel up". Have splash potions in dispensers that fire at you, making you run faster and jump higher (you get a cookie if you get the reference).
-Just be imaginative! Make your base different than everone else's! Try building your base in the sky, or on a boat, or in the End. Just have fun with it.

The Location:
Location is an important part of building a base! Where your base is will dictate what style and type of base you make. A few locations for building a base are:

-In the sky!
-On a boat!
-In the Nether!
-In the End!
-On a cliff!
-Off a cliff!

The location of your base will also influence how complex it is. For example, if your base is underground, you might have the space to hollow out a massive area, and to make a huge automated reed farm. If you're living, i.e.; on a boat, you might only have space for a tiny, manually-harvested sugar cane farm, or even none at all!

Next, I will go over some of the Pros and Cons of building a base in some various locations.

-Pros: Plenty of space to expand, when you want to expand, you can just dig instead of building, night/day cycle doesn't affect you
-Cons: Never see the light of day.

In the Sky
-Pros: Fantastic view, your friends will envy your awesome floating base
-Cons: Hard to expand your base, hard to reach your base from the ground, need to go down to the ground to mine

In the Nether
-Pros: Extremely easy to obtain materials like glowstone and netherrack
-Cons: Under fire from ghasts, no grass without silk touch, no water so many items are unobtainable unless traveled to the Overworld for

In the End dimension
-Pros: Novelty
-Cons: Barren, lonely, no grass without silk touch, danger from Endermen and Enderdragon before dragon is killed.

On the water
-Pros: Unique, good view of the ocean, go deep sea diving
-Cons: Not much room to expand your base, lonely (unless you bring some cows, pigs, chickens, etc. with you on the boat).

Look below for pictures of each type of base! Hopefully these will give you some building ideas.

Posted Image

In The Sky:
Posted Image

In The Nether:

In The End Dimension:

On The Water:
Posted Image

Of course, most of that information about location is just common sense. Still, it helps some people to see it written down so they can weigh the pros of a location against the cons.

I don't want to inject too much opinion into this thread. I mostly want this thread to have facts. But my personal favorite location to build a base is underground. There's nearly infinite room to expand, carving out new rooms is easy, you can build Minecart rails to get around, night/day cycle doesn't affect you, and it's just really cool to have an underground base anyway!

Overall, I hoped you enjoyed reading my blog, and don't forgot to leave a like, diamond, or favorite this post as it will help me a lot :) Also, Leave a comment if you have any feedback you want to give to me, Thanks!

~ AreoDynamic

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